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“It is hard to put into words the gratitude I feel and have to Pat Zimmerman and the community of White Dove Circle of Light and Love, as well as White Dove Wellness Center.

“My search for something more in life led me here.  I have had many wonderful teachers and healings along my journey, but from the very first class I attended in 2009 I knew this was where I belonged.  It felt like home.  From all the Spiritual classes to all the healings, my experiences have been phenomenal. The classes have helped me understand more about life and that everything we experience in our lives is a choice we have made ourselves, we are not victims of circumstance.  There have been lots of aha moments!

“My Spiritual growth and the wonderful healings I have experienced from many different modalities within the community have been exponential.  Through my growth I have gone from a student, acquaintance to a friend to a healer, teacher, ordained minister, and board member.

“This community has become my family in every sense of the word. I AM grateful to each and every one on my journey.  It is with deep gratitude, appreciation, humility, love and joy that I am a part of this community of loving, spiritual people.

“If you want to experience healing and spiritual growth that comes from the heart and soul this is the community for you.

 “Thank you.” – K. B., Ft. Mitchell, KY

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