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Miracle for Maddox

Last month when we received the devastating news that Maddox was going to lose his right eye unless a miracle happened, I felt led to google "healing blanket".. I found a website called that makes healing blankets and infuses them with loving, healing energy from God's angels. I've been using the blanket with Maddox all month; and the wonderful people from the white dove circle organization have been lifting Maddox up in prayer with us also. I'd also like to point out that the day after I received the blanket in the mail, my Mom said she heard a voice telling her "What you need to heal Maddox is in the red box." She told me about the message she had received, even though she had absolutely no clue what it meant. I instantly thought of the red box that the blanket was mailed in. (My mom had no clue about the blanket or the box at that time). So, I'm feeling pretty thankful to have been led to this amazing group of people, and to have the powerful healing energy from the blankets they make surrounding my son! If you or anyone you know is in need of any type of healing (physical, emotional or spiritual), you should contact Patricia Zimmerman through the website. These blankets are magical! smile emoticon [Maddox was diagnosed with eye cancer on 8/5/11. Dr's said he would be blind forever, but we had total faith in his healing. Maddox now SEES everything!]  – Miracles for Maddox (FaceBook page), V.B., VA, January 17, 2013 

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