IN SERVICE—to Creator/Source/God and all of the Divine and to all of our fellow man through:

• Compassion—understanding what others are going through, sharing our love with them

• Mercy—lending a helping hand to those who need it the most

• Joy—finding joy in everyone and everything in life; helping others find their joy

PEACE—inner and outer peace through:

• Humility—recognizing we are all one and that no one is better than another

• Purity—in our thoughts, words, actions, and deeds; in the way we live our life

• Devotion—having a strong connection with Creator/God and all of the Divine through prayer and meditation

FORGIVENESS—of self and others through:

• Faith—in Creator/God and all of the Divine, knowing everything happens for a reason and a purpose

• Hope—for a better relationship with one’s self and with others, doing our part to create a better world

• Trust—that through forgiveness we will find a much deeper love—unconditional love

TRUTH—the purest truth there is, standing strong in this truth through:

• Sincerity—in all we say and all we do, always working from a place of love

• Loyalty—to CreatorGod and all of the Divine, to one’s self (to thine own self be true)

• Courage—to speak our truth and to stand in our truth even when others do not understand

LIGHT AND LOVE—the foundation on which we are built

• Loving with all our hearts and all our souls, all of life and all of creation

• Spreading our Light wherever we go to light the way for others to follow

• Sharing the Wisdom of the Masters with those who seek the Truth