Breathwork has long been used to help improve lives, and the benefits are immeasurable, including improved health and well-being, stress relief, improved focus and clarity, pain relief, sleep sounder, and increased creativity.  When breathing properly, oxygen levels in the body increase and circulation improves.  Learn how to use the power of the breath to improve the mind, body, and spirit. 

Teacher:  Jane Herzog

Meditation, Demystified ...

Declare your independence from mental clutter!  Quiet your mind, open your heart. For those of us who have trouble meditating, this is a great opportunity to learn. Spend time in quiet reflection and learn different types of meditation. Bring peace to your world by finding the peace within.

Teacher:  Vincent Moore

This workshop helps you to understand what meditation can do for you, especially if you have issues with stress, anxiety, irritability, and overthinking.  Learn the principles of meditation to help you focus without being distracted.  Learn different ways to meditate to help quiet the mind.  Learn different meditation techniques that will work for just about anyone, anywhere.

Teacher:  Vincent Moore

The Power of Meditation