A TASTE OF HEALING - April 24-28, 2019

Come share your heart with us!

Workshop/Event Schedule:

Wednesday, April 24
1-2 pm       Past-Life Regression workshop w/Pat Zimmerman
5-6 pm       Drumming Circle w/Doug and Deb Bonnell
6-8 pm       Dinner out (reservation required)
Thursday, April 25
10-11 am   Believing in Self workshop w/Peggy Yoder
1-2 pm       Reinventing Yourself in the Third Act of Life workshop w/Bee Hergenrather
5-6 pm       Community Dinner catered by KJ’s Cajun Cuisine
7-8 pm       Jam Session with recording artists Douglas Blue Feather and Kay Brinkman
8-9 pm       WDC 10-year Anniversary Recognition Ceremony
Friday, April 26
10-11 am    tba workshop w/Elliott Eli Jackson
1-2 pm        Hope and Faith workshop w/John and Donna Wilbers
7-9 pm        Group Channeling with Source through Elliott Eli Jackson ($25)*
Saturday, April 27
10-11 am    Benefits of a Relationship with Source during Illness workshop w/Amy Berry
1-2 pm        Properties of Stones and Crystals workshop w/Scott Williams
2-3:30 pm   Simply Watercolor workshop w/Ally Zimmerman ($20, includes materials)*
3:30-4 pm   Jewelry-making with Mom workshop w/Barbara Markowski ($20, includes materials)*

*Reservation requested

Healing Practitioners:

Alicia Thompson—Reiki
Bee Hergenrather—Reiki, Past-Life Surrogate
Beverly McCaw—Alchemical Healing
Chris Carter—Reiki
Diane Jackson—QXCI Biofeedback
Donna Wilbers—Reiki
Elliott Jackson—Private Sessions with Source
Erin Kelly—Reiki
Gayatri Pestonjee—Reiki
Jencie Strausburg—Shamanic Healing
Jim Wachter—Sacred Flames Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)
Katelyn Breen—Reiki, Oracle Card Readings
Kay Brinkman—Crystal Singing Bowls Private Healing Sessions
Marcella Zircher—Touch for Health
Mary Benson—Crystal Healing/Healing Mandalas
Nicole Ashcroft—Angel Readings, Quantum Touch Energy Medicine
Pat Johnson—Emotional Release, Reiki
Pat Zimmerman—Past-Life Regression, Quantum Light Streaming
Scott Williams—Crystal Vendor
Terry Springer—Reiki

Come share your heart with us!

For pricing information, call 937.806.3231 or email info@whitedovecircle.com