White Dove Circle is very proud of its many effective and experienced healing practitioners, teachers, and volunteers. Some of our associates live in other cities. All work together for the very best and highest good of all. Service is the way we live our life, and unconditional love is the foundation on which we are built. Come share your heart with us!

Mary B-L.jpg

Mary Benson

Ordained minister, teacher, healing practitioner, volunteer

Mary is committed to healing, body, mind, and spirit on a personal and planetary level. Assisting humankind to make peace with ourselves, one another, and creation, she considers healing and teaching to be both science and sacred art. Mary holds a certificate in Spiritual Mentoring and Intuitive Healing from the Stillpoint School of Integrated Healing. A licensed, ordained minister, she has also studied with two Native American elders. Mary was licensed as an RN in 1971 and completed her BSN in 1976 and MSN in 1978. For over 45 years she has worked in the health care field as a clinical nurse and nursing educator. She is a mother and grandmother of six.


Linda Low Blackburn

Massage therapist, healing practitioner

Linda has been a licensed Massage Therapist since July 2002. Her specialties include Swedish Massage, Reiki, Sound Healing utilizing tuning forks and their beautiful tones to balance mind, body, spirit. Linda’s spiritual journey began 17 years ago, when she experienced for herself how therapeutic touch reaches into your soul and allows you to physically and mentally begin to heal. Along this path she has taken many classes, and continues to expand and grow on her journey. She has two beautiful married daughters, two grandchildren, and a sister who she loves with her heart and soul. Her family and friends continues to expand and she loves spending time with them. Her love of nature, gardening, taking long walks in the woods, or just sitting on her deck with a cup of coffee and listening to the birds, she gives gratitude for all the she has been blessed with in her life.

Douglas Blue Feather_1.jpg

Douglas Blue Feather

Recording artist and performer, teacher

Douglas Blue Feather is an internationally known recording artist and performer of music featuring the Native American flute. Recognized as one of the most accomplished flutists of today, he has released 19 CDs which have been heard on radio stations and TV music channels worldwide including Pandora, Soundscape, Sirius, ReverbNation.com, and NativeRadio.com

As a multi-national award winner, the highlights of Doug's career include the 2015 Indian Summer Music Award for "Best Contemporary Instrumental", the 2013 Indian Summer Music Award for "Best Native American Flute," the 2012 Indian Summer Music Award for "Best Contemporary Instrumental," the 2010 Indian Summer Music Award for “Best Native American Flute,” four Native American Music Awards including “Flutist Of The Year” and “Best New Age CD,” and the Coalition Of Visionary Resources Music Award for “Best New Age CD.”  In total, Douglas has received over 50 various award nominations and has been a voting member of the Grammys since 2007.

As a world-class flutist, Douglas Blue Feather has been recognized by ReverbNation.com as a Top 10 Artist and comes with a proven track record of being one of the most talented performers on the Native American flute in the world. Douglas has performed at the Native American Awards, on Fox and NBC TV, and at numerous nationally advertised powwows, festivals, expos, universities and churches throughout the United States.


Abe Boden

Healing Intern, volunteer

Abe has always had an innate love of nature, which led to his becoming a landscape caretaker. Abe was the picture of perfect health until the fall of 2009 when he woke up unable to walk normally. After nine years of working with traditional medicine to be able to walk normal again, Abe looked to alternative ways to heal. In July of 2018, Abe attended one of White Dove Circle’s Wellness Clinics and came home a new person. He knew what he had to next in order to heal. Abe is not only working to heal his mind, body, and spirit, but he is also working to become a healing practitioner at White Dove Circle. Abe is married to his wonderful wife for many years, and they have three beautiful boys ranging from toddler to teenager. Abe’s pride and joy is his family, whom he loves so very much.


Kathryn L. Brinkman

Community leader and board member, ordained minister, teacher, healing practitioner, volunteer

Kay has been on her spiritual journey for over 15 years. Over the years she has taken several classes and workshops to develop her intuition/connection to all, including Spirit, Human and Animal. Her love of animals has led her to develop a special connection with them. Kay loves to bring joy to others. She is certified in several healing modalities. Her perseverance to overcome obstacles on her journey has included many different experiences which have strengthened her belief in Miracles, Faith, Love, and Compassion. Kay has two sisters and four nieces and nephews. She lives in Ft. Mitchell, KY with her two four-legged human cats, Abbey and Kubota.  She loves to read, sing, and spend time with family and friends.

Marcia Hayes Cox.jpg

Marcia Hayes Cox


Since 2006 Marcia has been crocheting blankets for premature babies. Marcia puts her love into the blankets while crocheting, then healing energy is later infused into the healing blankets. They are then given to a prominent Dayton hospital for disbursement. The blankets go home with the babies. Healing time is drastically reduced, thanks to these beautiful blankets filled with great love!

Sharry Cummins

Public relations representative, healing practitioner, volunteer

Sharry retired from the Dayton Daily News after 23 years of service as a supervisor. She is a Reiki practitioner, working at White Dove Wellness Clinic. Her love for animals brought her to volunteer sending Reiki to dogs in need of healing at a local animal shelter. Sharry has a daughter who is a nurse and lives in Indiana. She loves music of all kinds and to read mysteries and metaphysical books, hiking, swimming, sewing, and making crafts.  

Beth Downs

Life coach, teacher

Beth is a dental hygienist and science teacher (physics and other sciences). Beth especially loves coaching children and teenagers. Through her guidance, she has helped many teens struggling through their adolescent years turn out to be strong, successful young adults. Her interests are gardening and a holistic approach to health care. Beth has two children and one grandchild. She loves living in the country with her dogs, cats, and horses.

Monika Firth


Monika is our 60's hippy that never wanted to grow up. She retired from Miami Valley Hospital after 30 years of service and now volunteers her time helping out at our front desk . Monika is a mother of two, grandmother of four, and a great-grandmother of six. Monika enjoys crystals and reading mystery, sci-fi, and spiritual books. 


Denise D. Garber


Denise Garber grew up with music being an important part of her life. She had a grandmother who played the accordion and a grandfather who played a trombone in the Shrine Band, both of great inspiration to her. Denise began her musical training as a youngster by taking piano lessons and later played several different instruments in the school band. She played organ and piano at church for years. Denise and her husband instilled the importance of music in their three children (who all play musical instruments) and will do the same for her grandchildren. Denise developed an interest in the harp in 2005 and is a member of the Dayton Area Harp Ensemble (DAHE). She also loves to collect and play antique musical instruments. Denise began her spiritual journey in 2000, taking Metaphysics and Spirituality classes since that time. She loves working with people, and volunteering has been a vital part of her life.

Tere Grilliot.jpg

Teresinha (Tere) Grilliot, ND

Healing practitioner

A Doctor of Naturopathy (N.D.) graduate from Trinity School of Natural Health, Tere is a Natural Health Professional (CNHP), certified in Iridology, Herbalism, pH of the body, and Nutrition Coach. She is a Certified Health Coach with Nature Sunshine. A dedicated provider, Tere's goal is to enable others to understand their potential for optimal health and how they can achieve it. She is married and has three adult children and two dogs. Tere's passion is working with people to attain health and happiness. Her interests include organic gardening, building things, doing arts & crafts projects, and creating medicinal skin care products.

Edwina Hatton

Jewelry designer

Edwina's passion has always been jewelry-making. Having taken many classes in jewelry-making, silversmithing, and sewing bracelets, Edwina began making jewelry in 2006.  She even had her own jewelry-making business while working at the hospital. Edwina worked at a local hospital for six years in their healthcare unit before resigning, a result of cancer. Thanks to many prayers (hers and others), her spiritual training, and her extremely positive attitude, Edwina made it through some very challenging times successfully. She is here today to tell her story and to help others along a similar path! Edwina began studying metaphysics many years ago, knowing deep down inside there was more to learn than what she had been taught. Edwina soon became a student of life, learning to do Reiki and other forms of healing.

Bee Hergenrather.png

Bee Hergenrather

Healing practitioner, volunteer

Bee is a special person interested in life and family roots.  Her mother was a genealogist, from whom she has inherited her great desire to know her roots.  Bee has a daughter and three sons, 12 grandchildren, and 8 great grandchildren.  Her oldest great grandchild (and the only female great grandchild) is getting ready to graduate magna cum laude from Wright State University this year. She and her brother are the fifth generation of Bee’s family to graduate from West Milton High School, her brother receiving a scholarship to play football at Wittenberg College.  Bee loves art, painting (oils, sketching, charcoal), reading most kinds of books (especially about ancient history and archeology).  Bee has always wanted to be a good healing practitioner and is working to be one now at White Dove Wellness Clinic. 


Jane Herzog


Jane is a registered respiratory therapist. During her career as a respiratory therapist, she has seen firsthand how important proper breathing techniques and movement improves qualify of life. Jane is a Stott Pilates Mat, advanced Mat and Reformer trained instructor with a concentration on breathing technique. As quoted by Joseph Pilates, "Pilates is a complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit." When not teaching Pilates, Jane loves to spend time with her family and friends, practicing Yoga, hiking, paddle boarding, gardening (canning), and biking.

Pat Johnson.jpg

Pat Johnson

Healing practitioner, teacher, volunteer

Pat grew up in Ogden, Utah. She moved to Ohio to pursue her computer security and logistics career at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, retiring after over 31 years of service. In 1988 she was introduced to Spirituality and energy healing, where she was exposed to a new world of possibilities. She says, “I always knew there was more!” Pat is continually taking classes to increase her awareness and development on her spiritual path. Pat holds a certificate in several healing modalities. She enjoys being of service to others, having been a volunteer for a local hospital for 9 years. Pat loves to travel the world to experience different cultures, customs, and sights. She has visited 41 of 52 states in the U.S. and many countries outside of the U.S. Her favorite destination is Hawaii, where she feels most at home. Sitting on the beach or a relaxing walk in nature renews her soul. Her creativity is expressed through arts and crafts, which includes stained glass, fused glass, drawing, and painting.    


Peg Huneke.png

Margaret "Peg" M. Huneke

Treasurer and board member, teacher

Peg has been a business advisor of White Dove Circle of Light and Love for many years. Peg keeps busy with her own business, Huneke Accounting Service, and doing charitable work to improve the human condition.  Peg has four sisters, one niece, and two nephews who live nearby. She loves Harry Potter and spending time with family and friends over a good meal. 

Diane Jackson.jpg

Diane Jackson

Healing practitioner

Diane is a certified QXCI/SCIO practioner, Reiki Master/Instructor, Ordained Minister, and Quantum Touch Therapy healer. Diane provides treatments through the QXCI Biofeedback consciousness for those seeking a non-intrusive modality to heal themselves. She travels with her husband Elliott presenting their I Am, You Are, We Are One workshops. She was a pharmacist for many years. Now she has dedicated herself to holistic based healing, assisting others in raising their vibrational level to the point where they may create what they desire in their lives, and achieve optimal spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional health.


Elliott Jackson.jpg

Elliott Eli Jackson

International channel and best-selling author

In 2007, God/Source began to speak through Elliott Eli Jackson. Spontaneously entering an unconscious state, Elliott spoke of things that he could have no knowledge of. Elliott is a world-renowned channel and five-time published bestselling author. He and his wife Diane travel the globe presenting the I Am, You Are, We Are One Workshops with Source that have been attended by thousands. He is the President of Quantum Matrix Inc., a holistic-based program that assists others in achieving optimum spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. He is a Motivational Speaker, certified QXCI/EPFX practioner, Ordained Minister, and Reiki Master/Instructor.

Erika Lemons

Wellness Clinic intern, volunteer

Erika’s interest in a broad array of subjects makes her an avid student of life. She believes in encouraging open conversation among diverse perspectives to answer life’s questions. As a member of the White Dove community, she experiences learning and teaching moments alike which reciprocally transform her own diverse perspective and spur her spiritual growth.

Barbara Markowski

Teacher, jewelry designer, volunteer

Barbara, a former accountant and travel agent, turned a long-time hobby into an adventure when Barbara began making gemstone jewelry as a fundraiser for White Dove Circle of Light and Love. She taught her first jewelry-making class in 2016, which was a success. All projects were completed beautifully, and it was a fun day for all. Barbara feels the Community of White Dove is a very special group; they are very caring for each other. 

Bev McCaw.jpg

Beverly McCaw

Ordained minister, alchemy change facilitator, spiritual life coach

Beverly grew up in the Midwest as the eldest of four siblings. She was a special sister to many troubled teens fostered by her parents, especially unwed mothers.  In a family rich with teachers and ministers, Beverly sought to find the answer to her childhood question: “Where were all the miracles that Jesus did today?” Beverly is a registered nurse who incorporates Reiki, Crystal Surgery, Access Consciousness Bars, life coaching, and many other healing services in her healing work. She uses tools and quantum techniques to enhance the energy field and can teach how YOU can feel more connected and experience transformed relationships within you and others to maintain health on all levels. Beverly is ready to help you love and accept yourself unconditionally, to start feeling more joy, and to create a better life, flowing free of past impingements.


Spring Moore


Spring has been a Reiki practitioner for over 20 years. She grew up on farms her whole life and knew how to plant and grow things. She studied at Ohio State University to be Master Gardner, working at Strader’s Greenhouse facility while in school. Spring spends her spare time tutoring students and taking care of the elderly. Spring has been a referee, coach, and mentor for soccer students for over 17 years. She loves crystals, mushroom hunting, and spending time in the woods.

Gayatri Pestonjee.png

Gayatri Pestonjee

Healing Practitioner, Volunteer

Gayatri works as a full-time registered nurse anesthetist in a hospital in Fairfield. She is a Reiki practitioner and volunteers at White Dove Circle of Light and Love. Gayatri is guided by a spiritual belief that everyone has a purpose on this earth and that we are all called to serve in some capacity. She lives with her daughter and their rescued dog, Abby. She loves to travel and sightsee and enjoys cooking and baking.

Jim R.jpg

James Ruttkay


James Ruttkay has been teaching Alexander Technique lessons for over 15 years. He loves to teach the technique to others, as it was life-changing for him, and has proved to be a powerful change agent with long-lasting results for over 100 years.  He is certified through, and a member in good standing of the 'American Society for the Alexander Technique.'

Linda Springer

Public Relations coordinator and board member, Gift Shop Coordinator, volunteer

Married with five grown children and eight grandchildren, Linda was originally from Dayton, then moved to Lima, Ohio, in 1979. She moved back to Dayton in 2018 with her husband, Terry, and their three cats. Linda retired from a career in sales, marketing, retail, and management. She also spent five years in marketing and administration in long-term health care. Linda has always been interested in spirituality and knew there was something more since she was eight years old. Linda has been a member of White Dove Circle of Light and Love since 2013. She says, "It has been a life-changing event." Linda feels blessed to be a part of the family of White Dove and is looking forward to the opportunity to bring the Light and Love of White Dove Circle to many.


Terry Springer

Healing practitioner, volunteer

Terry retired from a production career (33 years) at Ford Motor Co. in Lima, Ohio. Being a seeker of Truth, Terry was introduced to metaphysics as a young adult where he began studying the life and teachings of Edgar Cayce, a seer known as “the sleeping prophet.” As time went on, Terry studied more in depth all aspects of metaphysics and sacred teachings, with a special interest in energy healing (Reiki) to assist others on their healing journey. Terry and his wife, Linda, recently moved from Lima to Dayton so Terry could be a full-time healing practitioner at White Dove Circle. Between Terry and his wife, they have five children, eight grandchildren, and one great grandson.


Jencie Strausburg

Healing practitioner, shaman, medical intuitive, volunteer

Jencie lives on a farm with horses, donkeys, guineas, cats, dogs, and parrots. She loves taking care of her animals and communicating with them. Jencie worked for an equine vet for over 9 years. In her spare time, she cares for dogs and cats while their caretakers are away. Jencie is a Reiki practitioner. She is married to her husband for over 30 years, with one living son and his wife and one deceased son. Jencie has dealt with more challenges in life than most people and has come out a better person as a result. She is willing to share her experiences with others in order to best help them.

Alicia Thompson.jpg

Alicia Thompson

Healing Practitioner, volunteer

Alicia began her career as a medical assistant and ultimately became a teacher of the medical assistants’ program at local Dayton area colleges. She has a teaching degree in early childhood education as well. Alicia came to White Dove Circle in search of true healing. She had been experiencing health issues that traditional medicine could not diagnose properly or help her to heal. It did not take long (two months) before she was significantly healed and began her own journey to become a holistic healing practitioner, not realizing she has always had the gift of healing. Alicia is working to become a life coach at White Dove Circle. She is a wife and mother of three boys, ranging from toddler to teenager. Her greatest love is her family, and her greatest passion is to assist others on their healing journey.


James J. Wachter

Vice President and founding board member, ordained minister, teacher, shaman, healing practitioner, volunteer

Jim is an ordained minister in the Order of Melchizedek through White Dove Circle of Light and Love. His spiritual awakening journey began in 1980 with reading and courses in personal mind control and the Silva UltraMind ESP System. Jim spent vacations during the last ten years at the Tom Brown Jr. Tracking, Nature and Wilderness Survival School, in intense classes of nature awareness and spirituality, tracking, healing, philosophy and shamanism, classes and ceremonies with Native teachers, home study and many classes in other metaphysical schools. Jim is certified in many different healing modalities, is an active shamanic practitioner, teaches courses in awareness and healing, and assists with the ascension ceremonies. He is also an avid gardener and promoter of Native bee keeping. Jim is married, with three adult sons, and two grandchildren.

Eric Watrous.jpg

Eric Watrous

Ordained minister, shaman, healing practitioner, channel

Eric, a shamanic practitioner who lives in Florida, is trained as a Reiki master and practices the modalities of past life healing of the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional being, as well as, healing of past traumas and healing of the soul with alignment to the soul's contract. His healing can connect with the spirits in the bloodline of the individual whom he is working on and help to heal family relationships. He uses Reiki healing in order to accomplish these healing methods in conjunction with the shamanic energies that flows through his being. Eric, an ordained minister, is capable of clearing places and spaces and sends protection around people and places in need of assistance. Eric is a channel of divine healing energy and information.


Donna Wilbers

Teacher, healing practitioner

Donna married the love of her life in 1990, and in 1992 gave birth to their only child, a beautiful son and very great blessing.  Their son has autism, as well as other afflictions, and has been the driving force behind their spiritual journey, which they've been on for over 20 years now. Many read and applied spiritual books of truth, many years of learning from spiritual healers, and many experiences from life itself has brought Donna to a place of healing, understanding, gratitude, and peace.  She is here to share her life wisdoms with anyone who is searching for their own answers, for their own healing, and for their own peace.

Many mothers and fathers of special needs children suffer very great depression.  Many feel inner guilt, and a loss of hope.  Many have lost any joy in life.  Donna has experienced and made it through years of these very dark days.  She learned to look at life from a spiritual perspective, from the perspective of truth.  And she wants parents to know and experience release in the truth that "It's not your fault." That everything is in perfect divine order, that there is reason and purpose for everything, and that freedom of choice is the greatest gift that we all have, given to us from our Source, our Creator.

Donna lives with her family in Erlanger Ky., and invites anyone who so desires, to join her support group of sharing, inspiration, healing, hope, and peace.


Allison Zimmerman

Teacher, volunteer

Allison is a student at Youngstown State University majoring in Art Education. She lives on a farm where she raises dairy goats and other animals. She has worked with teaching art to students of all ages and all types of media and volunteers with her church's youth group and other youth organizations in the Youngstown area. While Allison loves spending time with her animals, friends, and family, her passion is art. The mural in the Gathering Room at White Dove Wellness Center was painted by Allison, along with other pieces of art found around the center.


Patricia M. Zimmerman

Founder, ordained minister, spiritual counselor, teacher, healing practitioner, author, volunteer

Pat Zimmerman was ordained a minister in the Order of Melchizedek through the Center of Light and Serenity in May of 2004. She has been on her spiritual journey her entire life, desiring to be a nun when she grew up. Instead she married her husband and has two grown children and five grandchilden. Pat began her spiritual journey over 25 years ago and throughout this time has spent time reading a countless number of spiritual books and taking numerous courses in spirituality, metaphysics, and healing. Pat Zimmerman began working as a healing practitioner in 2003 and began teaching in 2004; she became an ordained minister and spiritual counselor also in 2004. Pat has received certificates in many different healing modalities (i.e., Reiki, Crystal Surgery, past-life regression, and more.) and teaches courses in healing, self-improvement, metaphysics, sacred teachings, and more. She is also a published author. Her book, Self-Empowerment: The Only Way to Heal, is available nationally and internationally. Her books, “Everyday Life Lessons: Living Life with Ease and Grace” and “Everyday Life Lessons: Living Life with Ease and Grace - Companion Guide” were recently published. Pat teaches classes on how to live life, looking at the “self” to bring about change. Her greatest teacher is life itself.

Marcella Z..JPG

Marcella Zircher

Teacher, healing practitioner, volunteer

Marcella is a Licensed Practical Nurse. Her personal experience with pharmaceutical medications (negative reactions and side effects) brought her back to her roots. Marcella’s grandmother used Native American herbs to heal. They were effective, completely natural, and did not harm the body. Eventually Marcella began using therapeutic essential oils because they were more convenient for her busy life. Eventually Marcella found Touch for Health. Because of its quick results and scientific-based truth of Kinesiology (muscle testing using meridian points), Marcella found her passion for healing using all three natural methods. Marcella is married to her husband, Kevin. She is a mother of three and "Nana" to three grandchildren. Marcella enjoys spending time with family and friends, camping, swimming, and spending time at the lake.