White Dove Circle hosts a variety of retreats during the summer months. Retreats include:

Self-Love Retreat 

What is Self Love? Self Love is taking time for you (something we don't do often enough!). It means taking time to pray, meditate, exercise, and connect with your guides. It means taking time to live, love, laugh, and enjoy life!

Included in this weekend retreat will be healing sessions, massages, meditation, movement exercises, an intuitive development class, a group past-life regression, information on nutrition, essential oils, and more.

Self-Awareness Retreat

When you have a good self-worth, you recognize that you no longer need to please other people and you no longer need their praise. You live a life based on truth.

Your true value is not measured by your earnings, job, possessions, social status, relationship status, etc. Your true value comes from an internal measure that you set for yourself. It is from here your true power takes form.

Learn more about you and the beautiful soul that you are through self-awareness. To have self-worth, one must first have a good self-esteem, along with self-respect and self-confidence.

You will never understand the world around you until you understand the world within. Spend time learning more about you at the Self-Awareness Retreat. Learn how powerful our belief systems are and the difference between happiness and pleasure. Learn how to live life with ease and grace!

Self-Empowerment Retreat

We are all spirits having a human experience.

Learn about the spirit body and the relationship of the mind, body, and spirit. Learn how to change your world and how to manifest a world of abundance and prosperity. Learn how to bring about change within you and within your world. Learn what true healing is and how to listen to your body. Learn what power is and how to stand in your power. Everything in your world begins and ends with you. Empower yourself! 

A Silent Retreat

Most of us are good at talking, but how many of us are good at listening? How well do we listen to others? How well do we listen to our inner guidance? This retreat is designed to allow us to take time to listen. If we do not listen, we cannot know. If we do not know, we cannot grow. Join us as we go within to explore the inner self. Take time to breathe. Take time to find peace within. Take time to be! 

The day begins with yoga and meditation, followed by introspection in nature and reflection by the water. Learn how to love yourself and to find your inner peace. End the day with a crystal bowl healing meditation to leave in peace. Love yourself by spending time with you! 

Super Soul Saturday

The spiritual path is one of getting in touch with the true self, who you really are. Walking the spiritual path brings harmony and balance to life. It nourishes and feeds our true self. The spiritual path is a journey back to love.

Take time for you to experience a new healing service, learn a more about what true healing is and how to achieve it, the Importance of maintaining a high vibration. , numerology, dowsing, and how life is a mirror. Learn how to meditate and go on a Shamanic Journey.  End the day with a Crystal Bowl healing.

Everything in life is symbolic so that you can see what is really going on within you; therefore, “self wealth” equals “self worth.” The more you value yourself and take time for you, the more your worth will be reflected in your finances. The time for change is now!