• White Dove Circle of Light and Love is a non-denominational spiritual church. We believe we are all spirits in physical bodies, seeking and discovering our own personal truth in our own unique way. For many of us, that truth is found through the Divine.

  • We believe we are all multidimensional beings on a journey of self discovery and spiritual evolution. We believe we find our truth through life experiences and observations, and sharing the wisdom and knowledge of the soul’s explorations with others.

  • We believe we are all connected in Spirit—to each other and to Mother Earth. We believe we should honor, respect, and Love all things and everyone in life.

  • We believe we all have the power within ourselves to create our own world. We believe we create our world through our thoughts and validate these thoughts with our words and actions.

  • We believe there is more to life than what is seen with the physical eyes. We believe that when we center ourselves and open our hearts to Love, we allow ourselves to see clearly with our spiritual eyes and hear with our spiritual ears.

  • We believe we are all here to be in Service to one another and to Love each other unconditionally.