Adapting to Change in the Elderly Years

 There’s no better way to gain personal support for positive aging than in a support group of people who share their experience over time. Join Bee Hergenrather as she helps to support older adults in a rapidly changing world with shrinking public resources to help ourselves and each other.

 Discussions center around topics relevant to individual support. taking control of your health, caregiving/support for loved ones, life transitions, and loneliness. Those interested in age-advantaged conversations are welcome. Be amongst people who have lived different types of lives and have learned how to survive in this age of technology and change.  

Dates:  First and third Monday each month

Time:  3-5 pm

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Bee Hergenrather

Healing practitioner, teacher, volunteer

Bee is a special person interested in life and family roots.  Her mother was a genealogist, from whom she has inherited her great desire to know her roots.  Bee has a daughter and three sons, 12 grandchildren, and 8 great grandchildren.  Her oldest great grandchild (and the only female great grandchild) is getting ready to graduate magna cum laude from Wright State University this year. She and her brother are the fifth generation of Bee’s family to graduate from West Milton High School, her brother receiving a scholarship to play football at Wittenberg College.  Bee loves art, painting (oils, sketching, charcoal), reading most kinds of books (especially about ancient history and archeology).  Bee has always wanted to be a good healing practitioner and is now working as one at White Dove Wellness Center. She is also facilitator of an elderly support group, “Adapting to Change in the Elderly Years” at White Dove Circle of Light and Love.