The Reliability of a Channeled Message

When a person is prepared to make whatever effort is needed to gain in spiritual understanding, the first decision that is to be made is the choice of the right teacher.

Just because someone is psychic does not mean they are spiritual. There are many tricksters in the astral realm.

"People are very hungry for spiritual teaching," the Dalai Lama said in an interview, "but there are many unqualified individuals, charlatans with financial and power motivations that are not very spiritual.

"First, I always tell seekers of religion not to be too hasty. Examine the teacher well. You can get the teaching without taking on the person as a guru. Learn as much as you can and make sure the person is authentic and reliable.

"There have been cases," he said, "where persons, not really known in Nepal or India, came to the West, and suddenly they have become great teachers."

Not only does one have to learn to distinguish truth from among many sources, but also from the voices of our four lower bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and etheric), all of which have intelligence. Selecting the right teacher can be very difficult, so be sure to use discrimination. One of the reasons we came here on Earth is to learn to discriminate.

Jesus warned of false prophets. Students must be aware of those who knowingly give false information, partially to satisfy their own ego, but must also be aware of sincere mediums who unknowingly channel from a lower level, those who are caught in the astral realm.

There are many realms between the physical realm and those realms where an Ascended Master resides. As a result, most people claiming to channel an ascended master are only channeling partial truth.

Starting from the physical realm, there is first the brain consciousness, subject to the senses (seeing, hearing, etc.). Next there is the astral realm, also called the psychic plane. Then there is the lower mental realm, followed by the etheric realm. Following these is the plane in which the Christ Self abides, which is called the higher mental realm. Only after penetrating those realms can one arrive at the levels of the I AM Presence.

Now the channel faces the difficulty of remembering his/her vision. He must re-enter the elevator, going downward, to return through all those realms of consciousness, and many forget part or all of the vision during the return.

On the Other Side, there are countless individuals who are absolutely insisting they are an Ascended Master or a higher being, and they are not. These entities in the astral realm talk to anyone who is willing to listen to them.

The key personality trait of a true channel is true humility. Any type of personal ambition or ego shuts the door at once. If the gift of channeling is used to promote the personal self (the outer personality) of the channel in any way, assistance of the Masters will be withdrawn.

Is the motive of the channel to serve the Light or to make money from the message? True messengers do not charge for the message. "Freely you have been given, freely shall you give."

The messenger needs to have a high state of spiritual development and training. They act as advisers or counselors. 

A true messenger does not make the student dependent on him but explains the Law and guides the student to go within for answers.

Dictations from an Ascended Master realm are clear and concise. They contain much substance, detail, and hard facts. Those that originate from other realms often deal in generalities. They offer little concrete data. There is a lot of talk about love, without mentioning the other God virtues. For the most part, students are not told that self-mastery over the four lower bodies is the only mastery there is.

Many groups and individuals are channeling or giving out partial truth, and many students are benefited by them. But it should be recognized that different channels have different levels of spiritual development and awareness, and not all of them are able to pierce through different stratas all the way to the realm of the Ascended Masters.

The Masters compared their reaching unascended mankind with their energy to tunneling through granite. 

Adhering to the truth means change - change in attitude and behavior, even friends and your way of life. Most students resist change. As Ghandi once taught, we must: "Be the change you wish to see in this world."

It is through being the example to others in the way we live our life that we affect others the most...not what we say or profess to be.

May Creator bless you on your journey!

With much love, Pat