What is AN Orgonite? (aka Orgone, Orgonic Sculpture or Device)

Orgonite is a mixture of metal and plastic resin, with minerals and sometimes copper coils, useful as a meditation and environmental clearing tools because of its high and automatically centering vibration.  Orgonite devices are believed by many to offset the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation and other negative energies.  Orgonite is an experiential substance, whose properties are just now being established.

A Brief History of Orgonite
In the 1930’s and 40’s, Dr. Wilhelm Reich theorized that an unseen energy permeates our experience.  He named this energy “orgone.” He further theorized that orgone energy could exist in two states:

* Dead Orgone (DOR) – energy that has a negative influence on living beings
* Positive (or Pure) Orgone – energy that has a positive influence on living beings

Dr. Reich discovered that layers of organic (carbon containing) material alternating with layers of inorganic (metal) material would create an effect that balanced the DOR and the POR in the immediate area that these alternating materials were placed.  In the late 1990’s, other researchers began creating a matrix with the same organic and inorganic properties by mixing epoxy resins and metal shavings, with the epoxy being petroleum (carbon) based, and thereby, providing the organic component.  Upon further experimentation, quartz crystals were found to increase the intensity of the field generated.  When the orgone producers started to place quartz into the orgone devices, they found that rather than merely balancing the energy of the area, the quartz-containing orgones actually transformed the negative energies into positive.

The energy that Dr. Reich called “orgone” is also known as prana, ch’i, or etheric energy by other traditions. This type of energy has been proven by many different researchers around the world to exist and emanate from everywhere.  It is possible to harness and utilize this type of energy for many different purposes, not limited to self defense, healing, and general well being.  By owning and placing an orgone in your home, you are focusing your intentions towards clearing your home, car, personal, or office space of negative vibrations and energies, and promoting the shift towards energetic balance.  Previous users of the orgones have noticed positive emotional effects, and some have even noticed that houseplants tend to grow better in the vicinity of the orgonic device.

Disclaimer Notice
The orgonite is not intended (nor is it claimed to be able) to prevent, treat, or cure dis-ease, support or sustain human life, or prevent impairment of human health.  Rather, it is for self-education and personal research/growth only.  White Dove Circle of Light and Love cannot answer any medical questions and will not be held responsible for your usage of the information provided above.  Utilize your orgonite with the best of intention and learn what changes to your environment the orgone can provide for you.