Read testimonials from different people who have benefitted from the healing services of White Dove Circle. Let us help you on your healing journey. Come share your heart with us! 

“Such amazing accomplishments and amazing healers brought together for the better good of all! The sky is your limit and you will soar!” - L.G., Lowell, IN

WDC Timeline, 10th Anniversary Celebration, 2009-2019 - “2019-guided lost souls through love. This should be added!!! Probably since the beginning...so grateful for you all you've accomplished so much more than this!!!! ❤❤❤❤ “ - K.L. Miamisburg, OH

“God bless all of you for your caring and your love. You make our world a better place.“

“Having a bad cold, I needed a lip moisturizer. I used Burt's Bees, but didn't see the Mango Butter ingredient and I'm allergic to Mango ! Instant allergic reaction with a rash! White Dove Circle Hand and Body Balm healed it in 2 days!! Love this product! Patricia Zimmerman, this is amazing! Love you, and love what you do for mankind!” ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ - L.G., Estero, FL

“White Dove is an absolutely wonderful place to be. I love each and every one of the people who come to be a part of it. They have helped so many people grow and learn and become better people physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. They are very welcoming so don't be afraid to contact them with questions. Patricia and all of the practitioners and teachers go above and beyond to help people. It's a wonderful community and family to be a part of.” - A.Z., Pulaski, PA

“Everything about the White Dove Center of Light and Love is wonderful. I have only been there once but Patricia Zimmerman is a Healer like no other. I hope you will come to her Center and share in the positive vibrations and healing. She is amazing!!! “ - A. S.C., Dayton, OH

"I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to see me! Even though all this stuff is new to me, it feels right and it clearly works. I am having the best day. I haven't used my cane but only a few times today and I feel great. Thanks again." - A.B., Huber Heights, OH

"Just wanted to let you know — thank you. This is the first time I have been able to sleep without being riddled with pain. Had a really, really good night!!!" - A.S.C., Fairborn, OH

History of Seizures Gone Practically Overnight! 

Bridgett starting coming to WDC after a history of 8-12 seizures a day for about two years. After going to many hospitals and doctors for help, having had 6 brain operations and taking numerous pharmaceutical medications, nothing worked until now. Bridgett found immediate relief naturally after coming to White Dove Circle. Her seizures are now pretty much non-existent. Bridgett's life has changed drastically for the better, and she now believes energy healing is the only way to heal! For more information, visit www.whitedovecircle.com.


Miracles For Maddox

January 17, 2013 (FaceBook Testimonial)

Last month when we received the devastating news that Maddox was going to lose his right eye unless a miracle happened, I felt led to google "healing blanket".. I found a website called whitedovecircle.com that makes healing blankets and infuses them with loving, healing energy from God's angels. I've been using the blanket with Maddox all month; and the wonderful people from the white dove circle organization have been lifting Maddox up in prayer with us also. I'd also like to point out that the day after I received the blanket in the mail, my Mom said she heard a voice telling her "What you need to heal Maddox is in the red box." She told me about the message she had received, even though she had absolutely no clue what it meant. I instantly thought of the red box that the blanket was mailed in. (My mom had no clue about the blanket or the box at that time). So, I'm feeling pretty thankful to have been led to this amazing group of people, and to have the powerful healing energy from the blankets they make surrounding my son! If you or anyone you know is in need of any type of healing (physical, emotional or spiritual), you should contact Patricia Zimmerman through the whitedovecircle.com website. These blankets are magical! smile emoticon

[Maddox was diagnosed with eye cancer on 8/5/11. Dr's said he would be blind forever, but we had total faith in his healing. Maddox now SEES everything!]  – Miracles for Maddox (FaceBook page), V.B., VA


“It is hard to put into words the gratitude I feel and have to Pat Zimmerman and the community of White Dove Circle of Light and Love, as well as White Dove Wellness Center.

“My search for something more in life led me here.  I have had many wonderful teachers and healings along my journey, but from the very first class I attended in 2009 I knew this was where I belonged.  It felt like home.  From all the Spiritual classes to all the healings, my experiences have been phenomenal. The classes have helped me understand more about life and that everything we experience in our lives is a choice we have made ourselves, we are not victims of circumstance.  There have been lots of aha moments!

“My Spiritual growth and the wonderful healings I have experienced from many different modalities within the community have been exponential.  Through my growth I have gone from a student, acquaintance to a friend to a healer, teacher, ordained minister, and board member.

“This community has become my family in every sense of the word. I AM grateful to each and every one on my journey.  It is with deep gratitude, appreciation, humility, love and joy that I am a part of this community of loving, spiritual people.

“If you want to experience healing and spiritual growth that comes from the heart and soul this is the community for you.

 “Thank you.” – K. B., Ft. Mitchell, KY

I Am So Grateful to Have Your Healing Cream

"I was stung by a wasp today moving some bricks. I react very badly to wasp stings. In the few minutes it took me to go inside, the burning and swelling was the size of a blueberry. I washed my hand and applied your healing cream on the sting area. Within a few seconds the healing cream had turned to a liquid form, a minute later the stinging and burning was gone and 10 minutes later the swelling was gone. I can still see where I was stung but have no pain or swelling. I am so grateful to have your healing cream, it works better than anything I have ever tried. Thank you, I love you."  – L.G., IN

"Works on age spots, too. Plus joint pain. Not to mention wrinkles. I use it on sore feet, bruises & dry skin. Heck, I use it on everything! Love it. Smells wonderful."  – SLC, Brookville, OH

Beth's Life Coaching Made Me a Better Person

                Beth [Downs] has been a life coach since way before she chose it as a career. When I first met her, I was a freshman in high school and Ms. Downs was my science teacher. I did not like her or any other authority figure. As a teenager, I had serious anger issues and suffered from depression, I think she was the first person to recognize that and took it upon herself to help me whether I wanted it or not.

                My home life was not that great. I dealt with a couple different types of abuse and because of that, and with the influence of two siblings and father, I turned to drugs and alcohol to escape and not feel, so I wouldn’t have to feel unwanted and not loved.

                Sophomore year of high school is when I realized that Ms. Downs wanted me to succeed and better myself. She made me want to not only do better in school but also better myself as a person. The first time I came to school coming down from my latest high she helped me get through it. She would tell me that I was a person worth caring about and loving and that I needed to stop doing what I was doing. My response was, “I’m trying.” That was the first time she told me to stop making excuses and don’t try, do.

                I am now happily married to a man that I have no doubt loves me and we have three perfect children together and they hear the same advice from me. Beth made sure that I knew I was loved and cared for, so now I try and do the same with my family every day. Not only did Beth help me better myself as a person eight years ago, she helped become a better person for my whole life.

P.S.        Thank you Beth, Love always Lindsey S.

Learn the Truths of Human and Universal Existence

“Have really enjoyed studying and finally learning the truths of human and Universal existence as explained by the Ascended Masters and Divine Beings and being able to spread the truths to all my brothers and sisters.” – J. W., OM, Mason, OH

Peace ...

“The peace I feel whenever I leave after a day with White Dove Circle, I just wish I could keep that same feeling on an ongoing basis.” – L. S., Lima, OH

The Community of White Dove Supports Me ...

“The community of White Dove supports me in my evolution and my desire to become a better human and spiritual being.  It can be torture when you have to face yourself.  The community of White Dove is there when you look in those mirrors to remind you of how beautiful you truly are.” – E.M.L., Dayton, OH

I Can Be Myself and Find Myself

“I like the sense of being myself and finding myself.” – T. S., Dayton, OH

I Love White Dove!

“I love White Dove.  I can hardly wait for class each month to get re-energized of body, mind, spirit, and emotions.  To be with other people of like mind who make me feel like they are family.  I really love the monthly lessons and discussions.  I have grown so much.” – M. M. F., Xenia, OH

I Have Never Felt Such LOVE and Understanding

“After several personal losses, I came to know the community of White Dove Circle.  I have never felt such LOVE and understanding from anyone as I have from them.  Everyone beams with genuine LOVE and caring.  I have not had this many hugs, ever!!” – J. S., Casstown, OH

WDC Answers Many of Life's Important Spiritual Questions

“The question that brought me to White Dove Circle was “Who am I…?” and “Why am I here…?”  I am now working on finding answers to these and many other important questions on my spiritual journey thanks to the members of White Dove Circle.  If you find you are seeking answers to many of life’s challenging questions, White Dove Circle is a great place to start.  The people here share their hearts with you in an open and loving environment, all while helping you to find answers to many of life’s important spiritual questions.  When the student is ready, the teacher will come.  My thanks to Pat Zimmerman, and all the other wonderfully loving individuals who make up White Dove Circle and White Dove Wellness Center.”  – B. T., Troy, OH

You've Opened My Mind and Soul!

“Thank you for all you have done for me.  You’ve opened my mind and soul to avenues I’ve never imagined.  I can’t begin to explain the peace you’ve brought into my soul.  The outlook on life.  The lessons I’ve learned and need to learn.  My eyes you have opened.  Thank you from the bottom of my being!” – M. B., Chicago, IL

Thank You!

“The kindness shown has really made a difference in my life.  You have touched my heart.  The gratitude I feel really can’t be put into words.  Thank you so much.”  – C.B., Chicago, IL

Healing Blanket Changed My Life!

“My life has really improved in so many ways since I’ve had my healing blankets.  I have four of my own and use them every day.  They are kept in different rooms of the house so that they are easily accessible to me.  The first healing blanket I got was from the first few that had the healing energy put in them, so it has been around for several years and it still works so well.  They all have been washed many times and still have the same incredible healing power.  You only need to use one at a time because they have such extra special soothing energy.  They have been used to heal my wrist and elbow problems, back issues, ankle and feet issues.  There have been times when I could hardly walk because of severe aches with my knees.  When I go to bed, I wrap these around whatever part of my body is hurting and I wake up so refreshed in the morning.  In fact, I never travel without a part of one of the special blankets.  I used scissors and cut off about a twelve inch by five foot strip from the end of one of my blankets and it easily fits into my luggage, which is so nice for when I am flying and can’t take many bags with me.  I can’t say enough about these miraculous blankets and how they and the White Dove Circle of Light and Love have changed my life.” My life has really improved in so many ways since I’ve had my healing blankets.  I have four of my own and use them every day.  They are kept in different rooms of the house so that they are easily accessible to me."   – D.G., New Lebanon, OH

Healing Blanket Really Works!

"I have to say I love the healing blanket!  Not only is it super soft, but it works!  I was raking grass in our yard Saturday and was feeling sore all over.  While watching a movie that evening, I cuddled up in my blanket.  When we got up to go to bed, I felt great, no soreness, and I felt energized!"  – L.G., IN

Healing Blanket Like No Other!

“After another church group sent me a “healing blanket” which was the size of an oversized placemat.  I was genuinely skeptical of your online offer for help with your healing blanket.  It arrived late today.  I laundered it.  Then took my necklace pendant off and with my husband, a retired engineer as witness, used my pendant as a pendulum…like magic it began moving in ever widening circles (!).  Thank you for making it affordable.  Thank you for sharing your gift.  Thank you for caring.”   – L.S., Detroit, MI