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Intuitive Development Retreat

This retreat takes place Saturday, August 3, 9:30 am - 6 pm. It is designed to help gain a better understanding of your own individual intuitive talents and how to use them to enhance your own personal growth and development. Learn how to access and trust your inner wisdom and improve your ability to tune into the spirit world. Meet the Claire’s and learn the difference between Meet your spirit guides and angels through shamanic journeying, communicate with trees, and more. Learn how to use pendulums, dowsing rods, tarot and oracle cards. Great for beginners who need direction and support, as well as the more advanced who may desire to fine tune their abilities.

Abundance and Prosperity Retreat

This retreat takes place Saturday, August 10, 10 am - 6 pm. Imagine standing on the threshold of your ability to be abundant and prosperous, but you just can’t cross over. The only thing that stops us in life is fear. Well, here’s your chance to move past the fear!

Money has been a source of pain and suffering through history. There is nothing wrong with being abundant and prosperous. Religions in Eastern and Western culture have considered money itself to be “the root of all evil,” but how many people realize the original wording was “the love of money is the root of all evil.”

We create our world based on outdated beliefs and behaviors, put into action by the words we speak. It’s time we change this negative way of thinking for there are no victims in life, only co-creators of circumstances.

Find the key to your financial freedom! Learn how to manage your money and enhance your wealth. Learn how to release outdated beliefs and behaviors. Learn the spiritual aspect to be financially free.

Abundance and prosperity are our Divine birthright. It’s time to claim your prosperity and transmute poverty consciousness!

4th Annual Ohio Valley Indigenous Music Festival

August 24-25, 2019 ~ Award-winning Native American music ~ Patricia Allyn Park, 7266 State Route 48, Springboro ~ Free and open to the public. Music, vendors, and food. This year's Ohio Valley Indigenous Music Festival promises to be one of the best ever!

A Taste of Healing

Mark your calendars to attend the next “A Taste of Healing” event taking place in 2019:

  • September 28-29, October 2-6 (7 days)

People from around the country and around the world have come for this event. Healing sessions, workshops, and evening events take place every day. Join us for this extraordinary tme of healing and spiritual growth.

White Dove Circle of Light and Love - True healing for the mind, body, and spirit. White Dove Circle of Light and Love, a 501c3 corporation, is a community where people come together with love in their heart. We come together in fellowship, in prayer and meditation, for healing and for spiritual growth.

Come share your heart with us!

Lighting the way for others to follow!