A ceremony is a formal event to celebrate or solemnize something. There are many different types of ceremonies – ceremonies for spiritual services (e.g., church), and events: baptisms, weddings, and funerals; new beginnings; celebrating life; and holidays.

White Dove Circle of Light and Love's ordained ministers are available to facilitate ceremonies for your special occasion (e.g., baptisms, weddings, funerals, and more). Our Music Director, Denise Garber, is also available if you would like a harpist for your special occasion.

To learn more about White Dove Circle’s ceremonies, please e-mail us at info@whitedovecircle.com or contact us at 937.806.3231.


Drumming Circle

Experience the healing power of the drum! A drumming circle is a group of people who come together in a circle to create and share a profound experience in rhythm and harmony. No experience is necessary. Handheld drums, Djembe drums, and rattles are used. Bring your own if you have them! The steady beat of the drum is used as a "lifeline" to find your way back to the world of ordinary consciousness.

Biological Benefits of Drumming

Remo's Health Rhythms Department is on the forefront of establishing a solid foundation for proving the biological benefits of drumming. Neurologist Barry Bittman, M.D. and his renowned research team discovered that a specific group drumming approach (HealthRHYTHMS protocol) significantly increased the disease fighting activity of circulating white blood cells (Natural Killer cells) that seek out and destroy cancer cells and virally-infected cells. Along with conventional medical strategies, Dr. Bittman includes HealthRHYTHMS group drumming in all of his disease-based programs at the Mind-Body Wellness Center in Pennsylvania.

Equinox/Solstice Ceremonies

Four different ceremonies are held throughout the year on the equinox/solstice:

The Spring Renewal Ceremony is held to welcome all of nature back from its long winter nap.

The Summer Solstice Ceremony is held to honor the current season and the change in the seasons, to honor Mother Earth for her change in cycles and season of growth.

The Harvest Ceremony is an all-day event held to give gratitude to Mother Earth for the harvest of the year. Participants are asked to bring a portion of whatever they made or grew throughout the spring/summer. This can be vegetables, flowers, baked goods, wool from sheep, etc. A mandala will be made with these homemade goods. Soup will be made from the vegetables. Bring extra of whatever you bring to sell at the mini marketplace taking place that day.

The Elder Ceremony is held to give gratitude to Mother Earth for all of her countless blessings and for all the healthy people; to pray for the trees, animals, and plants as they go through their long winter's sleep and to help Mother Earth get ready for her hibernation.

Women should wear a dress, skirt, or wrap (wear pants under wrap) to honor the feminine within. Bring a covered dish to share for the feast that follows.

Full Moon Celebration

The full moon is a time to release and let go, a time to step into the new. This ancient ceremony has been practiced by Native Americans and Wiccans alike. Join us as we spend time learning more about Native American teachings, release traumatic memories or emotions we are holding on to, request help in manifesting our highest potential, give thanks to our teachers and guides here and in the spirit world, or simply reconnect to the earth and the elements. Bring your drums or rattles to the ceremony.

Sunday Service

Our monthly Sunday service begins with meditation to connect with the heart of the Creator. Songs are sung, followed by a beautiful ascension ceremony. In order to make our Ascension, the Ascended Masters have taught we must balance 51 percent of our karma, finish our lessons, and learn to overcome fear. We must learn to love everyone and everything in life unconditionally. This ceremony is held to help with our ascension process. All of the Divine are invited to help release negative thoughts, feelings, traumas, belief systems, and behavior patterns that no longer serve us to help raise our vibration more permanently, to find peace within, and to become pure unconditional love.

The Festival of the Christ

The Festival of the Christ is a celebration of the living and risen Christ. This is not referring to the Master Jesus, but the Lord Maitreya, who overlighted Jesus and shared his body during the last three years of his life. Lord Maitreya is the planetary Christ, head of the Spiritual Hierarchy, teacher to all the ascended masters, and a galactic avatar.

This festival celebrates the life of Jesus and the resurrection example that Jesus and Lord Maitreya set and have built on for the last 2000 years. Lord Maitreya is the perfect embodiment of the love expression of God.

The keynote of this festival is love, in the highest sense of this term. The second keynote is resurrection. The third keynote is contact. This refers to a closer relationship with Lord Maitreya and his disciples and initiates and a closer relationship between the Spiritual Hierarchy and humanity.

The Festival of the Spirit of Humanity

The Festival of the Spirit of Humanity aspires towards divinity, attunement to God's will, and right human relationships. It is a day to recognize and honor the divine nature of humanity and aspire toward spiritual fellowship. This festival represents the effects in human consciousness of the work of Gautama Buddha, Lord Maitreya, and the Master Jesus. This festival has also been recognized as World Invocation Day.

The force prevalent at this festival is the force of reconstruction. This is the force of the first ray, or will aspect of divinity that is directly connected with Shamballa. This force is mainly effective between nations of the Earth. Its effect on a given nation is governed by that nation's level of evolution. The three forces of restoration, enlightenment, and reconstruction express the light, love, and knowledge of God.

Transmission Flame Service

One of the most important activities we can participate in at this time is the Transmission Flame Service. Breathwork is used to move the flame of the open Ascended Master retreat around the world, covering the planet with the God qualities of the open retreat. Participants from all over the world gather in worldwide service to be receivers and transmitters, to magnetize and radiate the God qualities of the open retreat, stepping down its vibration, so it can be of maximum benefit to the four lower bodies of mankind.

Wesak Celebration

Wesak is the time of year at the Taurus full moon when humanity receives the highest frequency of Light. Wesak commemorates three significant events in Gautama Buddha's life: his birthday, his enlightenment, and his passing away. The Buddha, the perfect expression of the wisdom aspect of God, is the embodiment of Light and Divine Purpose.

The term "Wesak" refers to the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas where every year all the ascended masters gather on both the inner and outer planes to share in a sacred ceremony. Wesak is a great time of renewal and celebration. This is also a time to come and stand before Lord Maitreya, Lord Buddha, and Sanat Kumara to give your vows of service and receive special blessings.

World Service Meditation

Using guided visualization, we come together to help manifest a New World filled with joy, peace, harmony, and love.