About Healing

Nearly all health problems, no matter what form they take or whatever name they have been given by the medical establishment, are caused by lack of harmony, imbalances and unresolved issues, past or present, in the emotional body. In order to heal the body, you must first heal the deep-seated feelings that cause the disturbances. When harmony in the emotional body is restored, the body will align easily and the healing you seek will become permanent.

Master Hilarion
through Auerelia Louise Jones, The Seven Sacred Flames


Healing. What exactly does it mean to heal? Who heals and when? Why do some people heal and others don't? Poor health just doesn't just land in our bodies. How does it get there? How do we heal it? Are we simply a victim of life's circumstances? How do we move past dis-ease?

These magnificent bodies of ours were created to be self-healing, self-repairing. They were made to last thousands of years. But because we do not allow ourselves to release negative feelings stored inside our spiritual body, our physical bodies begin to decay. As so clearly stated by Master Hilarion, "in order to heal the body, you must first heal the deep-seated feelings that cause the disturbances." This means healing past lives as well.

The only one who heals is the person him/herself … when they are ready. Key words here are "when they are ready." We begin to heal when we are ready to release the trauma, anger, animosity, jealousy, resentment, hatred, worry, fear, doubt, sadness, blame, shame, self-pity, self-loathing, and guilt we continue to hang on to and replace these negative emotions with LOVE, pure unconditional LOVE.

There are no victims in life, only co-creators of circumstances. Our thoughts create our world. We validate our thoughts with our words and our actions. Whether we think/speak/act positively or negatively, we receive back whatever we give out tenfold. This is a Law of the Universe—the Law of Cause and Effect. The Law of Attraction (like attracts like) provides the means for the Law of Cause and Effect to take place.

To begin to heal, we must first recognize we are the root of all our problems. Once we are ready to truly look at the self and learn to love the self once more, we are ready to begin our healing journey. It is not possible to really love another until we can love ourselves first.

If you are ready to begin your healing journey, let us help you. Our experienced practitioners will assist you in releasing the deep-seated emotions held in the emotional body to bring about the healing you desire. It's time to experience once more feelings of peace, love, joy, compassion, respect, gratitude, and forgiveness as you take back control of your life.

Call on us. We'll be there for you…with LOVE!