The Teachings of White Dove Circle

The teachings of White Dove Circle of Light and Love do not take away from anyone's beliefs; they only enhance what one already believes. 

Spirituality is not religion. They are two different things. Religion is dogma; someone tells you what to believe and how you are to live your life. Spirituality is finding your own truth, taking into consideration what others teach, but accepting only what you feel to be truth. Our perception of the truth is not always Absolute Truth, God's Truth. Work from the heart; use discernment. As more knowledge comes your way, your truth will change as well. 

The religious community doesn't always let their followers know they don't have all the answers. No one can have all the answers if they quit looking. The more you learn, the more you learn there is to learn. Plain and simple. We should never stop looking; we should never stop learning. We should never stop growing because if we do, we only hurt ourselves.

The spiritual path is looking at you to see where you need to improve. If you do not look, you cannot see. It's so much easier to see the faults in other than the faults in ourself; but in actuality, they are one in the same. Everyone and everything in life is a mirror back to you. If you do not recognize your own faults, how can you change them? 

The spiritual path is becoming God-centered; not self-centered. It is thinking more of others and being of service, than thinking of the self. We do need to think of ourself and take time for ourself, but not to the extent that most people do. It's easy to do nice things for people we love, but how easy is it to do something for someone you don't know (and on a regular basis)?

The spiritual path means remembering to pray, meditate, and give gratitude. They are tools to help you stay connected to God. Tools are no good if you don't use them.

The spiritual path means becoming all of the God virtues so we can become God-like. If we are not looking at the self to see what we are doing wrong and working to change it, we have stepped off the path. 

The Community of White Dove is here to be of service. Allow us to help you on your journey.

With much love, Pat