A New World Religion

Churches have had the opportunity for 2,000 years to set mankind free, yet man has grown into greater and greater bondage. Because of the many translations, the Bible is hardly recognizable, compared to what its reality was in the beginning. Everything suffers through translation, for human opinions are always imposed upon the original.

Many modern day researchers are of the opinion that several key elements of the Bible, such as references pertaining to karma and re-embodiment, were changed or entirely removed from the Bible during several conventions of the early Christian church.

How many church leaders have looked beyond the Bible to look for life after life, or to explore the origin of man, or to investigate the claims for ancient continents, such as Atlantis and Lemuria? 

Church leaders tell their followers what to believe instead of allowing them to find their own truth. Many teach through fear and judgment, hell and damnation. Church leaders preach love but rarely teach how to love unconditionally. Thus, people are waking up and walking away from religion in search of Truth.

The age of Pisces (the age of Christianity) is over, and we are now in the Age of Aquarius (the age of Truth). It is time for a new religion, one based in Absolute Truth (not dogma, a set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true, Oxford University Press).

Every 2,000 years a new religion comes into existence because the previous religion becomes “watered down” over time; e.g., the telephone game. The more the message is told, the more distorted it gets. It no longer has the purity of the original message. What was once Truth is now only someone’s interpretation or perception of truth.

The entrance of a new religion into the Earth by no means interferes with its predecessor. By Cosmic Law, the latter religion will, as its particular Ray withdraws and wanes, eventually loses its grip and effect on the people to become a part of history as time goes on. This takes several hundred years until the complete eclipse occurs. 

The energy of a particular ray lasts approximately 2,000 years, thus every 2,000 years a new world religion comes into play. Every great religion is an offspring, so to speak, of the Cosmic Ray under whose influence it will function, casting its many blessings on humanity. The message is always the same—unconditional love—but told in a new way, one that humanity will better understand as we progress on our evolutional journey.

The Cosmic Rays, ever present yet totally invisible like the rays of a spring sun, warms the hearts of individuals and directs them to a certain action and feeling for which they cannot give an explanation. The early Christians had this experience, and the New Religion of the Seventh Ray (Transmutation) will not deviate from it.

As a result of this New Age coming in, a spiritual awakening is taking place. Can you feel it? Can you see it taking place? More and more, people are beginning to question the meaning of life, something most churches cannot answer. People are asking: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? Why do bad things happen to good people? They are realizing you don’t need to be in a church to feel God’s presence, and you don’t need an intermediary to talk to God.

People are opening their hearts to Love through compassion and forgiveness. They desire to be in service to one another.
This new religion will not be like any other religion. Its leader will be the heart, and its principle will be Truth.

When a person is prepared to grow in spiritual understanding and decides to seek Truth, the first decision to be made is the choice of the right teacher. 

One must learn to distinguish Truth from among the information given out in books, through channels (mediums), the voices of disembodied individuals, and the voices of our seven bodies, all of which have intelligence. Numerous so-called channels, mediums, star-commanders, messengers, and spirit guides appear like mushrooms, clamoring for the attention of the students, all offering "the very latest," challenging the student with, "Do you wish to be left behind?"

To discriminate among these many messages is a most difficult task. Almost all students underestimate this challenge for it is the most difficult point on the spiritual path.

Jesus and Master Saint Germain warned of false prophets. The student must be aware not only of those who knowingly give false information, partially to satisfy their own ego, but also of sincere mediums, who unknowingly channel from a level lower than the Ascended Master realm.

There are many realms in which the student lives. There is the brain consciousness, subject to the senses (seeing, hearing, etc.), and the astral realm, also called the psychic plane. Interpenetrating this realm and of a higher vibration is the lower mental realm. Following this journey, we find the etheric realm, then the plane in which the Christ Self abides, which is called the higher mental realm. Only after piercing through all of those realms does one arrive at the Ascended Masters realm.

Now the aspirant faces the difficulty of remembering the visitor he has received. He must re-enter the elevator, going downward, to return through all those realms of consciousness, and many forget part, or all of the vision, during the return. Only those who are able to obtain the assistance of an Ascended Master and who are authorized messengers can channel Absolute Truth from the Ascended Master realm. All others, despite their claims, are able to channel only partial truth. Messengers of this type are categorized by Master El Morya as “wishful thinking” and “idealized imagery.”

A true spiritual teacher will urge his or her students to work to overcome their shortcomings and to learn the discipline of daily prayer, meditation, and decreeing. He or she will teach students to find their own answers instead of relying on someone else to find answers for them.  A true spiritual teacher will teach compassion and forgiveness, self-acceptance and acceptance of others. He or she will guide you, not control you, on your spiritual path. 

A true teacher or channel will not employ a fancy, sophisticated language or deal in generalities. They do not use theatrics to make an impression.

One of the many reasons we incarnated on Earth is to learn discrimination; therefore, the sincere student on the path of Truth must set aside time to investigate for him or herself claims made by various teachers and channels. 

If possible, the student should investigate the personal lifestyles and habits of the teacher or channel. Does the teacher or channel practice what he or she preaches? Is he or she pure in thought, word, deed, and lifestyle? Is the teacher or channel working from a place of humility, compassion, forgiveness, and love rather than that of the ego, the great trickster?

As the student progresses on the path, many subtle tests arise. One of these is often unrecognized: spiritual pride, the desire to impress others with knowledge, contact, directions, and impressions claimed to be from an angelic or ascended being. While some impressions are Divinely inspired, others can be "tricksters" who claim to be someone they are not.

To know the difference between that which is Divine and that which is not requires discrimination, discretion, and constant alertness against these promptings that seek to aggrandize the outer self. It requires good common sense. 

Jesus said, "By their fruits shall ye know them!" Teachers and students must be willing to lead the way by example. Actions speak louder than words. They must be ready to lay aside their personal ambition in true humility and dedicate their lives to working together in a true spirit of cooperation. This is how the New Age will be brought in. It will not be an overnight process.

Imagine what the world would be like if lies and deception, greed and self-centeredness no longer existed. Imagine a world where all hearts express love, a world that desires to be in service to one another. Imagine a world where dis-ease no longer existed because it was no longer needed (there is a lesson behind every dis-ease).

This is what we have to look forward to if we all do our part. There will be no great leader to bring in the New Age. It is up to each individual to explore and find their own way back to the Heart of the Creator.

Blessings to you on your journey!

With much love, Pat