A Taste of Healing

A 3-day healing/fundraising event to raise public awareness of integrated healing

Come sample the various healing modalities of White Dove's experienced and effective healing practitioners. Raffle prizes. Visit White Dove Circle's Gift Shop where items can be purchased to facilitate and support health and well-being. 

Reservations are recommended!  Walk-ins are welcome, but time with your practitioner of choice can only be guaranteed if you sign up ahead of time. 

Half sessions (30 minutes / half price) and full sessions available. Book your sessions now!  Healing practitioners/channeler and their modalities include:

Diane Bartello-Jackson - SCIO Quantum Biofeedback machine - $110/1 hour
Elliott Jackson - a true channel for Source - $110/1 hour

Eric Watrous – Shamanic Healing - $90/1 hour
Jim Ruttkay - Alexander Technique Group Session (Friday, 10am) - $65/1.5 hours
Jim Wachter - Sacred Flames Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) - $75/1 hour
Kay Brinkman - Pet Communication/Reiki, Quantum Energy Work - $45/30 minutes
Linda Blackburn - Reiki Massage - $75/1 hour
Marcella Zircher - A Touch for Health - $75/1 hour
Mary Benson-Landau - Crystal Healing/Healing Mandalas - $90/1 hour
Pat Zimmerman - Crystal Surgery - $90/1 hour
Tere Grilliot - Iridology, Naturopathic Doctor - $45/30 minutes
Vincent Moore - Welcome Home Yoga (Sunday, 1:30pm) - $12/1 hour

Come share your heart with us!

Friday, July 21 — GROUP CHANNELING w/SOURCE (through Elliott Eli Jackson) — 7-9 pm — Workshop fee: $25 — Location: The Gathering Room — Listen as Source speaks ... Source has a message waiting for the entire group! 

Saturday, July 22 — HIGH VIBRATIONAL MAGIC Workshop w/Eric Watrous — 1:15-2 pm — Workshop fee: $5 — Location: The Gathering Room 

Saturday, July 22 — ESSENTIAL CRYSTALS & OILS Workshop w/Beverly McCaw — 2-3 pm — Workshop fee: Love donation — Location: The Gathering Room 

Saturday, July 22 — A HARP CONCERT w/Denise Garber — 7-9 pm — Event fee: Love donation — Location: The Gathering Room — Denise Garber grew up with music being an important part of her life. Denise began her musical training as a youngster by taking piano lessons and later played several different instruments in the school band. Denise developed an interest in the harp in 2005 and is an active member of the Dayton Area Harp Ensemble (DAHE). She also loves to collect and play antique musical instruments. 

Sunday, July 23 — CRYSTAL BOWL HEALING w/Kay Brinkman — 12-1 pm — Event fee: Love donation — Location: The Gathering Room — Everyone can benefit from the healing that results from crystal singing bowls.  Sound is a vibration that moves throughout our body. With the singing quartz crystal bowls, we feel the sound as much as we take it in with our ears. Crystal singing bowls create a totally relaxed and meditative feeling – the ultimate in meditation music!

A Self-Empowerment Retreat

Saturday, August 5, 2017

We are all spirits having a human experience. Learn about the spirit body and the relationship of the mind, body, and spirit. Learn how to change your world and how to manifest a world of abundance and prosperity. Learn how to bring about change within you and within your world. Learn what true healing is and how to listen to your body. Learn what power is and how to stand in your power. Everything in your world begins and ends with you! Empower yourself!  Retreat fee: $100.