Achieving World Peace

Based on Matthew Ward's Message, 2/6/17 (

World peace begins with one person having peace of mind and heart, then another, and another, and so it is with unity of spirit in a global society. This does not mean agreeing with ideologies or condoning actions that violate our principles and values.

The day after the inauguration ceremony, the Earth was blazing with Light. Millions of men, young adults, and children joined women in hundreds of cities throughout the US and in 60+ countries around the world. It was not only these people who represented the spectrum of societal diversity that so remarkably lit up the planet, it was also their unified purpose. The media publicized the events as “anti-Trump protests,” but this is not what they were really protesting.

The peaceful marchers weren’t protesting what they don’t want; instead, they were giving their power to what they DO want: peace, equality, respect, healthcare, and legal rights for everyone in the world and for clean water and energy to preserve the planet.

The energy of fearful thoughts and feelings brings to us more fearful situations, while the energy of confidence and optimism brings Light-filled sensations and improved circumstances.

Beneficial change doesn’t always start the top and trickle down; it starts with grassroots efforts and surges upward. Movements to right wrongs and uplift the weak and downtrodden are growing in numbers and success around the world. In this way, 2017 will be a pivotal year for what is to come in future years.

There will be occasional detours along the path of progress awhile longer, but pockets of opposition will become fewer as vibrations no longer support anything with dark intent. It will not take place overnight, but ultimately only people acting in harmony with the Light and Light-based activities will prevail.

By sending Light and Love to those who can be involved (when you cannot), you amplify their effectiveness tenfold. The Light and Love sent to the protestors the day after inauguration and the travel ban had that effect, and it also fortified their determination to continue efforts toward fair and just resolutions.

The Light in their passion for the world to become a better place for all is helping that world bloom into fruition. Never underestimate the power of the Light you are radiating out into the world! It can and does make a difference.

The control of the dark ones is coming to an end because the intensifying Light being sent out from the hearts of millions of people is supporting the peoples’ desire and WILL to live in a peaceful world where leaders are honorable, laws are just, diversity is respected, and everyone shares in the abundance.

To help bring about change in a peaceful and loving way, send Light and Love to all members of our government and to all governments around the world. Send Light and Love to people in our nation and to people around the world. Send it daily, and send it often. Never become complacent and stop sending your Light and Love.

When you walk into a room and turn on the light, doesn’t the light overcome the darkness? Light always overcomes the dark. When we all send Light and Love to those who need it most, we create a web of Light that spreads throughout the world. The more often we send Love and Light, the faster we will bring into fruition a world of peace, love, and justice for all.


With much love, Pat