Adapting to Change in the Third Act of Life

Written by Patricia Zimmerman

Aging gracefully is not always easy. Our world is rapidly changing, and we struggle to keep up with technology and understanding life in general. Our families have grown and are busy with their own families. Our friends and our savings account are dwindling. Our body does not have the ability to do what it used to do, and loneliness can settle in.

Life is what you make of it. Our attitude towards life plays an important role in how our life is played out. We create our life through our beliefs, thoughts, and actions. Life can be beautiful. Create beauty through love!

Stay away from negative people, places, and things. Stop complaining about what you don’t have and start being grateful for what you do have. The more you give gratitude for something, the more you will get of it. The more negative you are, the more negative things will come your way to reflect your negativity. 

Stay positive. Positive people are healthier and happier. They eat healthy and exercise. They spend their money on things they love to do instead of visits to the doctor. Positive people take time to meditate whether it be in the form of prayer, gardening, or walking in nature. They keep their minds open and their hearts busy by helping others through volunteer work. People who spread gossip or create drama have too much time on their hands; they are miserable deep down inside.

Women, enhance your beauty, don’t mask it. Too much makeup makes us look worse, not better. And don’t be afraid to smile. You’ve earned every one of those smile lines we call “wrinkles,” so show them off! Keeping your make clean and natural reflects the beautiful person you have become. Let your spirit shine for all to see!

Aging gracefully is not always easy, but your attitude towards aging will make the difference in how you live life in your third act of life. View yourself as a fine wine, getting better and better each year. The secret to aging is in not what you are doing, but in what you are not doing. Stop trying to control everything in life. Allow life to flow. When you have learned to do this, you’ll be amazed at what comes your way!


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