Children of God

Father God is all-wisdom, and Mother God is all-loving. We are all children of God.
Think of the soul as a child while it is growing. When it is young, it wants to grow up to be just like its parents. It admires and adores its parents. It knows without a doubt they will take care of every need.
Then come the teen years when the child no longer wants to be associated with the parents. The child wants to be unique and individual, not really knowing what that means. Eventually it no longer wants to be associated with the parents. After all, parents really don’t know anything, do they? The child walks away from the loving arms of the parents.
So the child sets out on its own journey to become its own unique person, to find its own truth, to find its own source of love. The child always was unique and individual, but the child didn’t see him/herself that way. It had a source of love, but this love was no longer enough. 
In truth, what the child recognized as different from himself was his own lack of knowledge, his own lack of experience. The parents had wisdom; the child did not. The father knew how to “BE;” the child did not. The mother knew unconditional love; the child knew a conditional love.
So the child began its own course of learning and growing, separate from the parents. Over time the child learned the parents were not really as “dumb” as what he thought they were and that his parents loved him much more than he realized. Eventually the child desired to become more like the parents. It began yearning for the parents’ wisdom, yearning to feel their love again.
This is humankind. We all wanted to be unique and individual. We wanted to experience love in our own way. And so began our journey of separateness. 
We knew our God parents were powerful, and we wanted to be powerful, too. The only way we knew to demonstrate power was to have power over someone, weakening them in the process. Eventually we learned this was a misuse of power.
After many challenging lifetimes, we learned God’s power is Truth (pure wisdom) and Love (pure love), and no matter how much wisdom and love we gathered, it would never match the wisdom and love of our God-parents.  The wisdom and love of Father/Mother God far surpasses anything we could imagine. Sooner or later, we desire to be more like God, to mirror Him, in His wisdom and His love.
Becoming God-like is the way back to Love. Becoming God-like is the way back to Truth. It is God’s Love and His infinite wisdom that we disconnected from when we began our journey of separateness. It was our choice to go our separate way.
God knew true unconditional love (sometimes called “tough love”) and allowed us to experience. We began to fall farther and farther away from Him. We began to feel that God had abandoned us. We blamed God for what was happening even though we were experiencing what we, as humans, had once created. We were taught God controlled our lives, yet He gave us free will.
God gave us free will to do and create whatever we wanted. His only request was that we be responsible for our actions. The Law of Karma was set up to keep this balance. Yet God is still being blamed for the misery we face in our lives instead of taking responsibility for what we have created over our many lifetimes.
And through it all, God stood back, waiting for us to learn our lessons, knowing that one day we would see things His way and join with Him again. 
Over time we became embarrassed about the mess we created, the depths to which we had fallen. We felt guilty and ashamed, afraid God would never love us again. We tried to hide from Him, afraid He might see what we had become and the many fears we had accumulated. Yet all we had to do was to accept His Love, His Truth, and to become like Him to turn our lives around. It is so simple, and yet we still find it difficult to release our old ways of thinking, patterns, and belief systems.
When we strive to be “at one” with God, many people think we will be lost within Him, that we will no longer have a purpose or exist. But this is not true. To be “at one” with God means to think, act, and feel the way He does. We are separate from Him, yet just like Him. 
As we begin to release fear and become more God-like, we become mirror images of God. We learn that His way of thinking and BEing is a much better path so we make the decision to strive to become even more like Him. Even though a child strives to become like his father, he can never be his father. 
So now you see the journey we, as children, have taken as we find our way back to our God-parents. God never left us (even though sometimes it felt like He had). He stood back, waiting for us to reach out to Him. There is no need to feel ashamed of our experiences because they eventually brought us closer to God. Like children, we eventually learn to appreciate and value our God-parents!
How do we become more God-like? The only way to become God-like is by becoming all of God’s virtues—purity, joy, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, humility, honesty, peace, and pure unconditional love. No one can or will do it for you. It must be our decision, our commitment to God. The journey back to God is the journey of Truth and Love.
And so this is where we are now…beginning to awaken to the Truth, longing once more for unconditional Love. We are beginning to grow up, as children eventually learn to do. 

May Creator bless you on your journey!

With much love, Pat