Create Your Own Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens can be fun to make for children or adults.  Learn how to create your own special garden to attract fairies.  Once you create your own fairy garden, you will never look at nature the same.  Who knows!  You may begin seeing fairies!!! You will love this class, and when it's over, join Spring at a local nursery to get started on your garden.

Teacher:  Spring Moore

Create Your Own Jewelry

Jewelry is a way to express ourselves in a fashionable way. It has the ability to take a plain outfit and transform it into something chic. Jewelry with natural crystals has been used to promote healing. Choose your stones and materials, and then learn how to create a design. Use your creative ability to create custom jewelry on a shoestring budget. Wear your piece proudly knowing you put the time, effort, and love into it! 

Teachers:  Edwina Hatton, Barbara Markowski

Feng Shui Basics

Learn how to organize your environment for more success, better, health, happier relationships, and a better life. Learn what enhancements or remedies you can make to improve your life. The way we feel and act is greatly affected by the environment around us. Feng Shui teaches us the spaces in which we live and work can become an advantage for us instead of an obstacle. Learn the basics of Feng Shui that are easy to implement—without the stress of yearly updates. Learn furniture placement, colors, and lots of tips to create positive energy in your home. Bring a simple sketch of your floor plan.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

This is a four week beginning level course consisting of four 1½-hr lessons designed for those interested in learning how to play the Native American flute. Basic techniques, scales, improvising, and learning songs will be focused upon, as well as adding embellishments to your playing. After this, the student has the option of continuing with private lessons. Music is an important part of our lives, and the Native flute is a very spiritual and healing instrument that is easy to learn and fun to play!

Teacher:  Douglas Blue Feather

Learn How to Play the Native American Flute – Group Lessons

A 1-hour private music lesson tailored to the skill level of the student from beginning, intermediate, to advanced. The student is under no obligation as to the number of private lessons desired. Music is an important part of our lives, and the Native flute is a very spiritual and healing instrument that is easy to learn and fun to play!

Teacher:  Douglas Blue Feather

Learn How to Play the Native American Flute – Private Lessons

While the majority of our pets are dogs and cats, there are many other animals we consider to be pets as well, e.g., horses.  Learn how to choose and care for the right pet; e.g., grooming, feeding, training, etc.  Learn how to create a lasting bond between you and your pet(s).   

Teacher:  Jencie Strausburg

Let’s Talk About Pets

Good health is something you pay for. You can pay for it now and enjoy healthy, delicious, and nutritious foods, or you can pay for it later in medical bills and an increased cost in health insurance. The choice is always yours. Until you look at your body as a long-term investment, you will not make the sacrifices necessary to attain the goal of good health. Learn the truth about water and proper hydration, the importance of nutrition and a good cleanse, the benefit of herbs and herbal teas, and the importance of a well-balanced diet. Learn proper dietary guidelines and which foods are acid-forming and alkaline-forming foods. Cancer cannot exist in a high-alkaline body. Your physical body is your temple; it houses your mind and soul. How you take care of it is your responsibility. 

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Maintaining Good Health

How you manage your money is a huge part of your life, and the amount you have can determine what you can do and where you can go. Learn how to manage your money the right way. Understand where your money is coming from and where it is going. Learn how to budget to save money, how to use credit cards effectively, how to read a credit report, and how to prevent and detect identity theft.

Teacher:  Peg Huneke

Managing Your Money

Bees are responsible for pollinating all garden plants, flowers and trees, virtually starting the process of supplying all our garden-type foods and all the wild foods for our animal friends. Without them, we would die. Come learn about our small relatives and their ways, and how WE can help them help us and all of nature.

Teacher:  Jim Wachter

Native Bee-keeping

Simply Watercolor is the perfect combination of creativity and conversation. No experience is necessary, and the only requirement is that you have a good time!  No need to bring anything except a good sense of humor. We’ve got the rest covered for you!

Teacher:  Allison Zimmerman

Simply Watercolor

Join us as we get together to paint and have fun! Our sipping is alcohol free, and the laughs are flowing. Rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit by taking time for you to explore your creative nature. Join us to have fun and feel like a child again! Children and grandchildren are welcome. No experience necessary. Learn how to paint a picture, step by step. You’ll be amazed at just how talented you are! Everyone has the ability to be creative. We just have to nurture it to be successful. Supplies are provided. Just in case, wear clothes that don’t mind a bit of paint. Your masterpiece will be ready to take home and hang on the wall!

Sip ‘n Paint

Just as dust and dirt accumulate in your home as a result of daily activities on a physical level, negative energy accumulates on an energetic level. You may not see the "dust and dirt" of negative emotions, but they do accumulate. It is especially important to space clear a house that you just moved into, especially if it was a foreclosure house or a house where a trauma has taken place or where dis-ease was present.  Space clearing should be done at least once a year. Learn how to correctly space clear your home, office, or any place you reside.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Space Clearing