Did You Know ...

WHITE DOVE CIRCLE OF LIGHT AND LOVE began in June 2009, receiving its tax-exempt status (501c3) in a record six weeks' time (almost unheard of!). 

Since then, White Dove Circle has grown to include:  White Dove Wellness Center, White Dove Wellness Clinc, White Dove Learning Center, White Dove Gift Shop, and White Dove Publishing Company. 

White Dove Circle began in Troy, OH, and expanded to include locations in the Beavercreek, Mason, and Cincinnati areas. Today we have a beautiful wellness center in Springboro, OH (centrally located) where people from across the country have come for healing, ceremony, workshops, and retreats.

WHITE DOVE CIRCLE OF LIGHT AND LOVE, a non-denominational spiritual church, has an ordination program for those desiring desire to become an ordained minister. White Dove Circle also hosts retreats to take time to go within and to look at the self.

WHITE DOVE LEARNING CENTER offers 185+ classes in health and healing, creativity and well-being, self-improvement, mindfulness and meditation, metaphysics, sacred teachings, as well as its proprietary classes.  

White Dove Learning Center offers classes in playing the Native American Flute. It also offers an advanced course of study to receive a certificate as a life coach or wellness advocate. 

WHITE DOVE WELLNESS CENTER offers a wide variety of healing modalities, massage, and movement exercises with our very own gifted and experienced healing practitioners and teachers.

White Dove Wellness Center's "A Taste of Healing" has grown from two days once or twice a year to now five days, three times a year. 

WHITE DOVE WELLNESS CLINIC is open the first and third Tuesday of each month from 3-7 pm, and WHITE DOVE GIFT SHOP offers items to support healing and spiritual growth. 

WHITE DOVE PUBLISHING COMPANY published "Self-Empowerment: The Only Way to Heal" (sold nationally and internationally) in 2015. A second book is in the works.

WHITE DOVE CIRCLE OF LIGHT AND LOVE has grown a lot since 2009!!!  Thank you so much for being on this journey with us.  We all have so much more to grow!

With much love, Pat