Excerpt from the book written by All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be through Elliott Eli Jackson

Fallen Angels

This brings US to a touchy subject if, in fact, WE could have a touchy subject. This is the meat of the book. WE have given you the appetizers (where you come from, how sickness has come to be) and the salad (how to improve your relationships along with other important information). WE now give you the main course, for the following is the reason and cause for most of the sad situations as you understand sad situations on your planet to be.

WE are Light and Love—that’s it, that’s all. Now, just as you chose to be in the physical realm and angels chose to help you or assist you, WE have also explained that elementals chose to be attuned with, what you call, the “elements.”

There are other spirits that chose a different course, fallen angels or demons. You have given them many names over the centuries. Most of these names are derived from ancient civilizations and religions (Satan, Beelzebub, Berith, Azi Dahaka, and Abaddon, to name a few). Mankind has given them these supplemental names for the same reasons you have also given the other angels names (you wish to). These names of course do not matter; they are from the mind of man and your choice.

WE wish to point out to you that if you were to correctly tag or label yourselves, WE guess you would or could call yourselves, “fallen pieces” of US. (Pun intended here, Smile!) Fallen angels or demons are very relevant to your present condition and vibrational levels. The present dilemma is how WE can explain this in a way you won’t freak out.

Well, first WE will tell you that what WE are about to tell you, you already know. Some of you choose not to REMEMBER! And, if you do REMEMBER, you try to forget. WE deal in facts, and you have nothing to FEAR—and it is, what it is. You have nothing to fear for you are creators and, thus, you can, at any given time, create LOVE, which combats and overcomes all obstacles.




 Nephilim—A Word You Should Know

Now let US remember there is no devil, never was and never will be, that is except, in the mind of man. And WE already informed you there is no Hell, Purgatory, Death, or Good and Bad. However, writings in the Christian Bible and other historical documentations that refer to a group of beings in the early history of your planet called, “Giants” or “Nephilim” are, unfortunately, NOT A MYTH.

It, therefore, might be a good idea for each of you to grab a copy of the Christian Bible and other non-fiction books that deal with this topic. Many of these tales are not tales at all. You should become acquainted with some of them. All should read the 6th chapter of Genesis in the Bible along with other written descriptions of these ones (giants) handed down through the ages—descriptions such as those found in writings regarding Jason and the Argonauts, the Travels of Odysseus or Ulysses and, David and Goliath. They, in a nutshell, briefly informed you of how a large number, as you understand numbers, of what you call angels, changed horses and course in the middle of the stream.

These ones and others of their kind caused much trouble on Earth. It all began when some of the ones who decided not to take physical form, to become angels, to help or assist you in your physical forms, later decided to deviate from their original choice. In the course of their many unseen interactions with humankind, they began to wonder or dwell upon the thoughts of what it would be like to engage in sexual activity with the humanoid form.

Since they are genderless, sexual intercourse with your kind was not a viable option.

But since they, as you, are privileged to have freedom of choice, they changed their minds as many of you do all the time. They decided to cause themselves to materialize into human form. In doing so, they became capable of walking upon your home, your planet, your Earth, for short periods of time and began having sexual relations with human women and men.

You must understand that their physical manifestations could not last at any given time longer than what you understand to equal approximately 72 hours. Due to the physical laws of matter, any period longer than what you understand to be 72 hours would jeopardize their options and ability to return back to the non-physical realm without totally losing the spiritual freedom that they enjoyed. In laymen’s terms, they would die, as you understand death to be, and either return to the oneness of it All or some other manifestation. As explained to you previously, during OUR discussion of death, due to the actions they were engaged in, they most certainly would not at that point in time, as you understand time to be, return to US. To continue, these ones did as they pleased with whomever they pleased while engaging in such sexual activities. As a result of their actions, they were able to father and mother, if you will, offspring or children. It should be noted at this point, that humankind was, at one time, able to de-materialize, time travel, and co-function in two geographic locations at once, prior to having lost certain brain capacities.

Anyway, the children were, because of their unearthly fathers and mothers, born much larger (what you would call giants or in times and language long gone, the Nephilim) than all others on Earth and caused emotional and physical damage to most, if not all, they came in contact with. Once they matured physically, however, they really did not mature mentally as you understand mental maturity to be, for if they had, they of course would not have behaved as they did.

The reasons for their behaviors were due to them being hybrids, or not created or conceived within the constructed order of what are and were natural and normal in your plane of existence. It would be appropriate to say, not within the physical laws set in motion at the beginning of it All. It was a terrible time within your human history. Should you research, you will be able to trace exactly when it did occur. For, there are many records and accounts of the carnages and savagery that transpired during those times. Let us state here that WE understand you don’t like to think of this and many of you do not wish to remember. Yet, it did occur, and it is an important part of your remembering process and your Earth’s history.

What WE are sharing now with you is the explanation of why WE, the source of All that is, did interfere once with free choice. It was an interference that occurred not within your realm but another. WE will never again do so. WE did it because humankind was, shall WE say, no match for the offspring of these unnatural pairings. WE decided to place a restriction upon those spirits that did participate in the leaving of their chosen realm. They are, forever, banned from taking human form again. Also, WE implanted within the mind of certain of your kind the knowledge and understanding of how to end the reign of the offspring. Thus, they disappeared from the face of your Earth.

Here you must understand, WE are light, WE are love, WE do not judge. However, OUR observation and prognosis of the possible lasting outcome to OUR beloved ones, YOU, set forth our decision and course of action. For, you must fully understand that WE love ALL of YOU, even the ones who caused such a ruckus and disturbance on Planet Earth. Too, understand OUR relationship with you now. Please understand it was not a Judgement; OUR course of action was a needed precaution to preclude anything of this nature from happening again on our planet, your home, your Earth.

Still Interfering – How They Do It

So, as it stands now and forever more in the sands of time, these spirits cannot materialize into human form. However, they can interfere and still do. When one of you allows your vibrational level to deteriorate or become lowered, for whatever reason or reasons, these bring to you certain mental thoughts, ideas, and physical actions—thoughts which lead to all sickness, addictions, depression, low self-worth, and esteem, suicidal inclinations, and many more maligned maladies. The above-mentioned are brought from a vulnerable state of being, opening you up to the influences of these unseen spirits that cannot visit your realm any longer in a physical way, except by way of you. Further, they can be invited into one’s being and, of course, many of you do so and suffer the mental and emotional consequences.

Now, how do they do it?

The answer is through thought transference. Thus, they benefit from the carrying out of these thoughts by humans. They are always around you. These spirits attract to those things in each of you that may be negative or not of the highest good for yourself or others. They key into those portions of your psychic being that allow doubt and worry to enter in and, then find ways to bring about confusion.

They may cause one to worry about money or the finding of love or some external factor that is not really necessary for one’s happiness. Some of these unseen spirits are frivolous and will cause little annoyances. When one of you is impatient or dwells upon what you consider to be the imperfections of others, they can and do cause intolerance. This lowers your vibration and brings your personal insecurities and uncertainties up front.

When a negative thought is transferred in your brain by a spontaneous reaction, these spirits wish to cause you to react on the negative thoughts. These negative thoughts are brought to reality when one begins to speak ill of someone. They may start to think of harming themselves or others. Thus, a lowering of vibrational level occurs. Once vibration is lowered, suffering begins. These spirits, thus, become fulfilled. Because of their inability to be physical and to enjoy the fruit of your Earth, they enjoy your not enjoying it. They are jealous, as you understand the word jealous to be, and seek to have any or all of you not happy. They wish or desire for all of you to subject your vibrational level to contagious fear and ignorance brought about by lack of knowledge. Remember this, your higher self knows it.

Let us ask you a series of questions and answer them.

Have you or anyone you have known consumed alcohol or drugs beyond the human capacity set forth by the laws of physical existence? Why did they not die?

During these times, the spirits that cannot return to your realm supernaturally drain or suck the substances out of humans, thus receiving the effects of what they can no longer experience in the physical realm. On your own time, look into some studies carried out by, what you call, prestigious institutions of higher learning around your globe. Look into scientific studies on the effect of alcohol on the human body. You will run across documented reference materials on various, what mankind has named, “primitive” or “indigenous tribes” who consume alcohol and a substance known as ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic brew made from the bark and stems of the Banisteriopsis vine. These tribes are located in Brazil’s Amazon Basin and throughout Africa in Umbanda, Candomble, and other places. The tribes perform ritual dances to the demons. Before they begin, each dancer ingests alcohol and/or ayahuasca. They chant and dance for a period of time, calling upon the demons. At the conclusion of their ritual, most, if not all, appear to be sober, this is to say no signs or indications of slow reflexes or impaired thinking/actions. Humankind has devised a BAT (Blood Alcohol Test)—measures the level of alcohol in the blood or blood alcohol concentration of BAC, a level 0.08-0.10 or greater is the minimum looked for). Any measurements within these amounts would point towards what you would understand to be “intoxicated.” This BAT was administered to the participants before they danced and upon completion. Now, within the physical limitations of your human manifestation, it takes alcohol and other substances used by the dancers a period of time to be naturally eliminated from the body depending on your weight and other factors.

However, none or “immeasurable” amounts of these substances were found within these individuals. Trust US, WE know all the time frame formulas WE have placed within the mind of man, and the times of these outside quantities of substances leaving the body were not even close.

Can you explain these phenomena logically? Well, WE can and will. The spirits or angels WE are informing you of now drained and did, in fact, thoroughly enjoy the gifts from their dancing benefactors. And they do the same with any of you who may, from time to time, abuse the wonderful gifts of your planet, your home, your Earth, has given you for your enjoyment.

A law of the universe and the cosmos is that all things that are to be enjoyed by you should be done in moderation, but each of you already knows and understands this. You may not practice it, but you intuitively know what is permissible for the highest good of your wonderful being. Remember!

WE need to inform you here that the practice of using ayahuasca by any of you who have been told or think you may have some kind of extra special connection to US are misguided. Further, anyone who believes, for one moment, that this substance is somehow designed by US for mankind’s use to be nearer to US is mistaken. One of OUR purposes or goals is for you to be in total oneness with US all of the time. Therefore, for clarification, WE are informing you that the use of this substance for a deeper connection with US is nonsense. It should not be done with any regularity or not at all. The choice is yours. This information may upset those of you have received misinformation. WE, however, tell you the Absolute Truth.

Effects of Lower Vibrations

Additionally, have you ever read in your newspapers, or heard from a friend, or seen on your televisions, someone crazed and confused fighting many of your police persons, ending in a necessity for five or more police to detain such? Have you ever read or heard of someone who kills himself or others in a most unnatural way, by what you term as “dismemberment” or what you term as a “totally demented form” or fashion? Hear US, they are being influenced to carry out these tasks by spirits not of your realm. It is because they, for whatever reason, came to a low vibrational place within their being and opened themselves up to such an invasion. The same holds true for all acts of what you have labeled, “sexual deviate behaviors” or outside of what mankind considers the norm, or anything that has been deemed totally horrible within the mind of man.

These spirits also use other methods to derail one from obtaining higher vibrational levels of consciousness. This can and does occur when one of you, for whatever reason, falls into a low state of consciousness. The low state of consciousness brings about depression, which bring about compulsive thoughts of low self-worth and esteem. One begins to feel one is a failure, or of no use to anyone, including oneself.  This mind set causes confusion in one’s thinking. One will become closed-minded towards anything or anyone speaking in regards to hope, love, and the oneness of All. Perceptions become distorted. Anger, along with hostilities towards others, will occur. Thoughts of self-abuse, suicide, and homicide may also occur. The individual will then show signs of hatred and bitterness towards most without any apparent reason. At this point, fear sets in, along with paranoia. Over time, one will become despondent towards society as a whole. The lower vibrational spirits interject rage, panic, and phobias. Guilt and condemnation of self and others ensure.

Behaviors, such as personality changes contrasting from previous normal behaviors, take hold. If you look carefully, you will be able to notice what is known in your terms as a dark countenance falling over the individual. Their eyes will appear dark, black, blank, or maintain a hollow look. They will not be able to look you, or any other fellow human, in the eyes. Further, when one is under the influence of lower spirits, lying, stealing, drug and alcohol abuse may occur. Also, obsession with food, for example, bulimia and anorexia may be manifested. Sexual perversion, irrational crying or laughter may take place at any given time.

When these persons are introduced into any sort of spiritual environment, they will become very uneasy and ready to leave. Language and cutting words normally follow. Abnormal sleepiness and medical problems plague the person—issues such as pain without justifiable reasons, blackouts, seizures, sudden severe headaches, and paralysis. These ones often speak of having knowledge unattainable to others, and they will entice others to join their efforts. Thus, many cults are formed and born of this. Study the histories of cults and see the patterns of those who say they are different or speak of seclusion for them or their followers from society. Be cautious of them.

Those at a lower vibrational level may show the ability to do extraordinary things that do not help to raise the vibrational awareness of others. They may speak of hauntings and of speaking to the dead, which as explained before cannot be achieved within your current realm of existence. This information may also disturb others. WE, of course, do not care! It is their choice and WE speak only the truth.

Concluding this topic WE, All there is, was and ever shall be, tell each of you that WE love YOU. You are beautiful; you are worthy; you will succeed. None of you are any better or worse than the other, and you are all magnificent. Each of you needs the other; mass global unity is the way. You and all are forgiven because you NEVER HAVE DONE ANYTHING WRONG!