Many people feel that if they ask for forgiveness from God, they are absolved of the wrong they did. These people do not understand the true meaning of forgiveness.

True forgiveness comes from the heart. It frees the soul to move on. Words are easily spoken, but not always meant. Forgiveness is important so that you and others can be free of the past. Forgiveness is being free of the pain and suffering felt from the experience. Forgiveness is important so change can take place, so all parties can be at peace.

Accept responsibility for your role in the situation. Request forgiveness for whatever you may have contributed to the situation, intentionally or unintentionally, and extend forgiveness to whomever hurt you. And don’t forget to forgive yourself for your lack of understanding.

Apologize for not accepting others for who they are, and forgive yourself for not accepting yourself for who you are.

God does not judge. Only humans judge—ourselves and others. God recognizes that we are Spirit first, having a human experience. As a result of these experiences, we grow in Love through compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness—for God, for others, and for the self.

To God, there is no right or wrong, only experiencing, and like children, sooner or later we all learn from our mistakes. God knows there is no one harder on us than us so why would God want to add to our misery. It serves no purpose.

People ask God for forgiveness because it is much easier to ask God than to face the person we hurt. Ask forgiveness from the person you hurt, not God. Accept responsibility for your mistake and work to heal the situation.

Compassion is the first step in growing love, and forgiveness is a requirement if true and lasting change is desired.

Blessing to you on your journey!

With much love, Pat