Growing Love

The love we know today is a conditional love – “I will love you as long as you don’t hurt me and as long as I personally know you.”
The love we need to learn is unconditional love – “I will love you no matter how much you may have hurt me and whether or not I know you.”
How do we grow conditional love into unconditional love?
The first step in growing love is through COMPASSION.  It is impossible to have compassion for someone else unless you first experienced a similar situation (past or present life). 
The next step to grow love is through FORGIVENESS—1) forgiving others for what you perceive they may have done to hurt you and 2) asking for forgiveness for what you may have done to hurt someone else (intentionally or unintentionally).
The last and most difficult step to grow love is by FORGIVING THE SELF, realizing we are all playing roles for each other. No one can hurt you without your soul’s permission. What you are experiencing today may have be what you gave out in the past (karmic).
What we give out we will get back tenfold. It’s one of the many Laws of the Universe.
You cannot truly love someone else until you can love yourself first. Blame, shame, and guilt serve no one. Love, peace, and happiness serve everyone.
You are the beautiful soul you are today because of all you had learned from your past experiences. Honor and recognize the beauty within you and within others. We are all in this together; we are all connected.

Blessings to you on your journey! 

With much love, Pat