How to Recognize True Messengers

Ascended Master Teaching Foundation, 21 Essential Lessons


The Masters have given some guidelines for recognizing the characteristics of true messengers of the Great White Brotherhood and for those who are not:

1.       THE KEY PERSONALITY TRAIT OF A TRUE CHANNEL IS TRUE HUMILITY. The Ascended Masters have said, “One of the key factors in causing the destruction of Mu and Atlantis was the spiritual arrogance of those in charge of the temples. Any type of personal ambition or ego shuts the door at once.” If the gift of channeling is used to promote the personal self (the outer personality) of the channel, assistance of the Ascended Masters will be withdrawn.

Beloved Kuthumi: “That which, even most subtly, stimulates the lower bodies and the soul to personal aggrandizement and inflation of the separate ego, is not of God.”

2.       THE MOTIVE OF A CHANNEL is most important. Is the motive to serve the Light, or to make money from the instructions? The only motive of the messengers of the Great White Brotherhood is to serve the Great Ones. The true messenger does not charge for the dictations. “Freely have you received; freely shall you give.” Of course, if there are expenses, such as renting a room and travel expenses, a reasonable admission charge may be charged. Any dictations appearing in print are, and will remain, the property of the Great White Brotherhood. They must be sold to the public at a reasonable price. Charging huge amounts for speaking engagements, publications, and conferences is a strong indication that the organization is not tuned into the Great White Brotherhood.

3.       The messenger should not ASSUME ANY TITLES, such as Guru of Ma, Vicar of Christ, or Master.

4.       AUTHORIZED MESSENGERS OF THE BROTHERHOOD HAVE THE BENEFIT OF A SPECIAL DISPENSATION granted by the Karmic Board. These dispensations are extremely difficult to obtain. A major stockpile of energy is available to the Brotherhood, on the average of only once every 100 years, and that stockpile is used by the Great Ones to obtain a major dispensation (such as the ones given to the “I AM Activity” and the “Bridge to Freedom.”

The Masters compared reaching individuals functioning in the unascended realm to tunneling through granite. It requires a large amount of effort. In order to be granted a special dispensation, there needs to be assurance that the additional energy and instruction given will be balanced by the energy of the chelas. The Master who sponsors the petition must pledge his own energy in order to ensure there will be a balance given for the energy spent as part of the dispensation.  Should the students not return that energy, then the master must do this himself! Thus, the Ascended Master becomes responsible for what the messenger does with the information and the Ascended Master depends on the return of the energy from the unascended realm.

5.  The messenger needs to have a high state of spiritual development and prior training by a Master. He must be prepared to give impersonal service to mankind, rather than to an individual or group. In order to maintain in a high state of listening grace and to be receptive to high vibrations, the messenger needs to refrain from eating meat.

6.  There can never be any forcing. The Great Ones never threaten. They act as advisors or consultants. It is up to the student to accept or reject any dictation according to the dictates of his heart. As a matter of fact, the Ascended Masters admonished the students to test, repeatedly, the testimony of a channel and to not accept any statement on faith alone. They said that to gullibly accept statements without intelligently discerning their truth or falsity is not the will of God.

Kuthumi: “Many false mediators have come, but you can always test their reality in this manner: If their teaching turns the outer self to the individual I AM Presence, that mediator comes from God. If such a teacher makes the individual dependent on his or her personal identity and keeps the aspirant looking to him or her for instruction and guidance, rather than his own divine source, then such a one is not a true mediator. To misrepresent the truth is not the will of God.”

A true messenger does not make the student dependent on him but explains the Law and guides the student to look to his I AM Presence for answers.

7.  There is no interference in private affairs, such as advice on whom to marry and whom not to marry.

8.  A true messenger will ask everyone to return the energy of the Masters through decrees, visualizations, and songs. Students are asked to bring their own house in order to master bad habits, to develop their four lower bodies, and to make the physical body the temple of the living God. The knowledge contained in the dictations must be made available to all mankind. It cannot be withheld from anyone.

9.  True messengers give credit where credit is due. 

10.  All true dictations are intended, primarily, to instruct the students on two key points, namely, how to gain the Ascension in this embodiment and how to help the earth in the required cosmic initiation, bringing it closer to the sun. This is a valuable guide in comparing the dictations of various channels.

11.  A true messenger is always in full control of his faculties at all times. He can stop hearing the messages at will. There is no shaking of the physical form or “possession” that takes place when a channel is under the control of an entity.

12.  Archangel Zadkiel: “Phenomena naturally comes with spiritual development, as you go higher and higher in consciousness. That is the Ascended Master phenomena, the light which you see, the magnificent Violet Fire, sometimes the face of one of the great Ascended Ones, true, but that is a result of application and a means of conviction of a consciousness that is not merely seeking, curiously, for something new. So these individuals who produce so-called phenomena need the prayers and application of the remaining members of the White Order on the Earth, for they are literally eating into their own etheric bodies and their vital prana, which could be used for something much greater, later, than the floating ectoplasm and manifestations at séances in the outer physical world. Why do these channels attract today’s students by the thousands? It is because of the fascination of most of the students for phenomena and the lack of a strong desire for the truth.”

13.  Knowing he is karmically responsible for any suffering that his dictation causes to any individual, the true messenger, except in the rarest of circumstances, does not predict the date of a cataclysm. The last time such a prediction was made was 12,000 years ago, just before the sinking of Poseidonis.

14.  DICTATIONS FROM THE ASCENDED MASTER REALM SINCE 1930 ARE CLEAR AND CONCISE. THEY CONTAIN MUCH SUBSTANCE, DETAIL, AND HARD FACTS. Those that originate from other realms often deal in generalities. They offer little concrete data. There is a lot of talk about love, without mentioning the other six God virtues and students are overly praised for just listening. For the most part, students are not told that self-mastery is the only mastery there is.

15.  Jesus said, “By their fruits shall ye know them.” After a dispensation is granted by the Karmic Board, the floodgates literally open. There are many so-called miracles and accomplishments.

Adhering to the truth means change, change in attitude and behavior, even change in friends and your way of life.  Most students resist change. The Masters said that the Goddess of Truth is not very popular with mankind. However, the Goddess of Love and Mercy are very popular. The Maha Chohan added, “Truth is one of the sweetest friends of man, for if you do not know the truth, how can you be set free?”

So you see, this means we do not need to run from channel to channel to discover the latest truths.