I Am a Child of the Universe

Many Were Called, Few Were Chosen ~ Heather Anne Harder

I AM a child of the universe. As such, I AM worthy. I deserve good, and I call to me all that is for my highest and best good and the highest and best good for all concerned. Protect me from all that dims my light or slows my steps. Let me be influenced only by those things that will further my growth and assist me to know Truth.

If I have allowed anything or anyone that no longer serves me to influence me, I demand that I be released from that influence and that it or they never again be allowed to bother me. I surround them with love and send them to their highest good, as I do with anything or anyone that tries to slow my progress or interferes with my Earthean experience.

I AM a child of God and as such I AM perfect. I accept who I AM and what I AM in this moment. I AM open to change as I learn the lessons life offers me. I AM aware that if I knew everything about everything and had reached a state of perfect perfection, I would have no need of the lessons Earth offers. I accept who I AM fully and trust that I do my best in all situations. I AM always open to growth and know that every day, in every way, I AM getting better and better. I accept and honor myself and all that I AM.

So, too, do I recognize that all on Earth are doing the best that they can. They, too, are here for growth, and therefore I move from judgment of others into total acceptance. I honor their path. The Infinite Intelligence created diversity on Mother Earth, and therefore I recognize the wisdom of diversity. I accept that there is no one right way but a variety of ways to learn. Some may choose pain and suffering, whereas others choose a softer, gentler way. I look at the paths of others only so that I may be better aware of how I can serve humanity and Mother Earth. I AM what I AM, and I allow all that I can be to take expression.