Is White Dove Circle a “Christian Organization Founded on Jesus Christ?”

Recently I was asked if White Dove Circle was "a Christian organization founded on JESUS Christ" because of the statements we make about honoring Mother Earth. Here was my response:

The community of White Dove Circle of Light and Love does not differentiate ourselves as "Christian" or otherwise. We are a non-denominational community that honors and respects all religions and all walks of life because all have something to offer - a way to find God.

We honor and respect the path each person walks, and we have reverence for all of life because God made everyone and everything. Without this type of pure unconditional love, you cannot truly know God for God loves us all unconditionally and has asked us to do the same for each other.

Jesus came here to teach us about God. He did not come here to "be" God or to be put up on a pedestal (remember, he was born in a manger, a humble beginning). He came here to show us the way, not to be the only way. Jesus taught us to love everyone and everything no matter what happens. He understood the leper, the beggar, the crippled, the rich and poor, the children, and all walks of life. He welcomed and loved all.

Jesus showed pure unconditional love when he forgave all his persecutors. How many Christians today really know the full meaning of forgiveness? Most people today only know a conditional love - "I will love you as long as I know you and as long as you don't hurt me." This is not the love Jesus taught, and this is not the love we came to learn.

At White Dove Circle of Light and Love, we teach how to love unconditionally through forgiveness, understanding, and awareness. We answer the questions most often asked: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? Why do bad things happen to good people? and more. Most ministers cannot begin to answer these questions because of their limited way of thinking; they were taught to believe one way and one way only - what they were told to believe.

Just because you have been told something is the truth doesn't mean that it is Absolute Truth (God's Truth). The ministers at White Dove Circle of Light and Love teach people to question, question, question everything because not everything we have been told is the truth. We teach what we know to be truth, and if it makes sense, it may become your truth, too. Keep an open mind. You will never know what truth is until you do.

Blessings to you on your journey.

With much love, Pat