Life is What YOU Make of It!

When we realize life is truly a gift from God, we begin to live life differently. Life really is what we make of it. Our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs create our words and actions. This is how we create the outcome. 

Your physical body mirrors what is going on inside you. At the root of every illness lies an emotion or a negative way of thinking. Dis-ease is created in the physical body through our misuse of free will and our lack of self-mastery over the emotional, mental, etheric, and physical bodies.  Physical pain and mental distress reflect the emotional pain that needs to be healed and fears that need to be transformed in the conscious mind.

When one body is out of balance, all other bodies are out of balance, too. Before healing can take place in the physical body, the mental and emotional bodies must first be healed. Healing is not complete if we focus only on healing the physical body.

Stop the drama! Drama is a self-centered, babyish way to get attention. The more attention we get out of a situation, the more drama we create. It serves no one except the person creating the drama. Drama does not heal anyone or anything; it only prolongs the inevitable.

If you want to change your life, YOU need to change you. No one else can or will do it for you. Change everything about you: your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, words, and actions. This is how you will create the outcome. 

Life is truly what you make of it!

Blessings to you on your journey!

With much love, Pat