Listen to Your Body

Written by Patricia Zimmerman

Your body is the vehicle your spirit chose to maneuver while in life. Just as your car gives warning signs that it is ready to break down, so does your body. Listen to your body to prevent dis-ease (energy not flowing with ease) from settling into the body.

Science has proven everything is energy, including the physical body. When the flow of energy gets disrupted, it goes into a state of flux. When our flow of life gets interrupted, we feel unstable emotionally and physically. This turmoil is often reflected in the physical body. The root of all dis-ease is the result of an emotion.

There are two root emotions in life: love and fear. Fear is the absence of love. Positive thoughts are rooted in love, while negative thoughts are rooted in fear. We have 18-24 hours to release an emotion or we store it in the body. An abundance of a particular emotion will show up as dis-ease to show us what is going on within.

Positive feelings show up as wellness in the body. Negative feelings show up as infection, tumors, and blockages in the body. Unexpressed tears show up as inflammation. Tears are not a sign of weakness; the spirit gets stronger when they are released. A hearty laugh and a good cry are two of life’s best medicines.

Each body part stores a different emotion. For example, people who have trouble releasing or experience too much stress have intestinal issues. The liver holds extreme anger. Hands grasp, and legs move us forward in life. Lungs represent our capacity to take in life, and arteries carry our joy in life.

Cancer is repressed anger. Arthritis is the feeling of being unloved. People with back problems feel unsupported in life, while shoulder problems represent the feeling of carrying the “weight of the world.”

Take time to listen to your body. There is a lesson behind every dis-ease. Release the emotion so you can heal. Change your way of being so it can be reflected in the body.

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Patricia Zimmerman is a published author, writing books on true healing and how to achieve it. She began working as a healing practitioner in 2003 and is founder of White Dove Circle of Light and Love, a unique, one-of-a-kind wellness center where one can find true healing for the mind, body, and spirit. Located in Springboro, White Dove Circle is a leader in the holistic field offering a wide variety of services and products to heal naturally. White Dove Circle offers classes, workshops, and retreats for self-improvement and self-empowerment; movement classes; life coaching; massage; meditation; and more.