Everyday Life Lessons

Earth is the school of emotions. We learn through our mistakes and our lessons. We came to experience all of the emotions; but most importantly, we are here to learn to master the emotions.  This means learning to respond instead of react.  Learn about mistakes made every year, critical questions we should ask ourselves, life lessons people learn too late, reasons why we get stuck, and more. It’s not important to have all the answers, it’s important to know how to ask the right questions. Wisdom results when knowledge is applied.   

Learning to love life is an important change you can make to have a healthier and happier life.  It doesn’t mean there won’t be hard times.  Life is a school, and we all have our lessons to learn.  In this class you will learn everyday tools you can use to learn to master the self so you can “graduate” this school called Earth and move on to even greater things!  Figure out what the lesson is, then learn it.  Life is not so difficult when you understand how life really works! 

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Dealing with Depression

Depression is a common but serious mood disorder. It can affect how you feel, think, and handle daily activities, such as sleeping, eating, or working. Learn what causes depression and how to move past it from a spiritual perspective. There are no victims in life; only co-creators of circumstances. When you change, your world will change with you.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Join us as we journey together to grow in knowledge straight from the source - Source! We will begin with the book, “From God to You: Absolute Truth,” and journey through all of the Sapiential Discourse book series, using book study guides where available. These books were written by Source and channeled through Elliott Eli Jackson. Funny thing about life - The more you learn, the more you learn there is to learn! Journey with us as we learn more about life and how it really works.

From Source to You

Grief and Loss

While grief is often associated with death, it can also include the loss of a relationship, a pet, a job, a dream, or a loss of well-being.  Everyone grieves differently.  Some responses are healthy; some are not.  Learn common reactions to grief and loss, how to handle your emotions, and how to get closure.  Learn how to cope with reminders after a loss, and most importantly, how to find help. 

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Mirrors - How to Use Them to Navigate Your Way through Life

What are mirrors? Everyone and everything in life is a mirror back to you to see what is really going on within you. Many people struggle through life because they do not know how to use their mirrors. When you drive a car, you use your mirrors to navigate the way to your destination. Why not learn to use your mirrors to navigate through life?

Walking the spiritual path takes hard work. It is not just prayer and meditation. It is being conscious of who you are and what you are creating at all times in life.  We create through our thoughts, words, and actions. What are you creating? There are no accidents or coincidences in life. There are no victims in life, only co-creators of circumstances. Everything we experience is a result of something we have created through thoughts, words, and actions of the past. Don't shoot the messenger!

Learn how to use your mirrors to see what is being reflected back to you. The only way to change your world is by changing you. As you change, your world becomes more beautiful and loving than you could have ever imagined. Life is a gift. Enjoy the ride!

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Overcoming Fear

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? The only thing that stops us from moving forward in life is fear. Learn to overcome fear by understanding where fear originates. Fear and trauma go hand in hand. Fear comes from trauma. For example, you wouldn't have a fear of drowning unless you have drowned. Until the trauma is healed, it can be difficult to move past the fear. Learn tools to help you heal the traumas so you can overcome your fears.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Take control of your life and your health by changing the way you think. When you change the way you think, you change the way you feel. Your emotions have a profound effect on your physical well-being. Learn more about what is going on within you by looking at your physical body. Your physical body is a mirror back to you.  This lively class includes various activities and guided visualizations. Topics include the chakras, the function of each organ from an emotional perspective, symptoms of dis-ease, the emotions behind dis-ease, and much more. Learn how your words and actions mirror back to you in the form of well-being or dis-ease.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

The Emotional Body and How It Affects the Physical Body

The human body was designed to be “self” healing. If you are still taking a pill, you have not healed. True healing comes from within. When you change, your body (and world) will change with you.  Learn how the mind, body, and spirit work together to create either well-being or dis-ease (energy not flowing with ease), how thoughts and emotions affect the physical body, how dis-ease settles into the body, and how to “self” heal. Learn how to listen to your body, self-healing techniques, what integrated healing is and how it works. Mainly, learn how to heal from the inside out. Learn what true healing is and how to achieve it. The time for change is now, and it all begins with you!

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

True Healing and How to Achieve It

What is addiction? What are the facts about addiction? Everyone has their addictions. What are the different types of addiction? How can I recognize if I am an addict? Addictions only get worse over time. When your addiction becomes more important than anything else, you have a problem.

This workshop teaches the effects of usage of recreational drugs on spiritual development; the history and use of sacred plants vs. today's plants; and what happens to the lower bodies, chakras, etheric body, and auric field when addiction is present. We'll talk about the spiritual aspect of medicinal marijuana and other uses of marijuana, as well as the effects smoking marijuana has on the alignment with the I AM Presence and the Ascension process.   

Other topics discussed are depression, bi-polar, schizophrenia; the lower astral realms and how they control an addict; when an addictive person is ready to heal; karma and life lessons. There are many types and varying degrees of addiction. It is important to be in divine alignment for the ascension energies coming our way.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Understanding Addiction ~ 

A Spiritual Perspective