Releasing Emotional Trauma

Set your intention to “release everything from past lives, present life, and future lives—going back to the root wherever it started—that is causing …”

Then place one hand across the person’s (or yours) forehead and the other hand across the back of the skull (base of the occipital bone) at the nape of the neck.  Hold your hands there for a few minutes while you bring up the memories of the trauma to release. 

The person’s head (or yours) may go in circles or it may rock back and forth.  It may lean to the left or lean to the right.  It may cry, or throw the head back in exasperation. There is nothing wrong. Allow the body to do whatever it must do.  You are releasing trauma held in the physical body at the same time you release it from the spirit body.

Allow your body to release until you experience a nice, deep breath.  

Do this procedure for no more than 3-5minutes.  The trauma may be too great, and the "layers of the onion" must be released gently.  Repeat this method again at a later date once the body has had time to assimilate the release.