Affirmations, Decrees, Gratitude, and Prayers

Learn how to effectively use affirmations, decrees, gratitude, and prayers in your everyday life to bring in health and well-being, prosperity and abundance, and to manifest your heart’s desires. Anything is possible if you just have faith and BELIEVE!

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerma

Afterlife Realms

Heaven is not up, and hell is not down. Learn how Edgar Cayce and other mystics describe the realms and the soul’s experience after death. 

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Ancient Knowledge and Lost Civilizations—Atlantis and Lemuria

Learn about the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria—what the people were they like, how did they live, and what happened to them? Where are they now?

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Angels and archangels have been written about throughout the Bible and other sacred texts. They are a body of spiritual beings who act as an intermediary between God and men. Angels are organized into different phylums or spheres, each with their own ministry of service. Learn about what an angel really looks like and the different types and spheres of angels, including the seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominions, powers, principalities, archangels, and angels.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Angels, Archangels, and the Angelic Realm

Learn more about life, our purpose in life, and how to live a life of love according to the Ascended Masters. Learn how to recognize a true messenger, the codes of conduct for a disciple of the Holy Spirit, what is required to make your Ascension, the life and teachings of Jesus the Christ, and much more.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Ascended Master Teachings

An Ascended Master is a master teacher, an enlightened being who has learned to master the emotions. Jesus and Buddha are two well-known Ascended Masters. They taught us through their words and actions how to live a life of love. Learn who these master teachers are and how they can help us on our spiritual journey.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Ascended Masters – Who Are They and How Can They Help?

Awareness in all our senses is essential in all that we do. Grow and broaden your awareness skills. Participate in different yet related techniques and exercises. Learn to frequently ask yourself the Sacred Question, which is essential in expanding your awareness skills.

Teacher:  Jim Wachter

Awareness Training – Levels I, II, and III

Join us as we journey together to grow in knowledge straight from the source - Source! We will begin with the book, “From God to You: Absolute Truth,” and journey through all of the Sapiential Discourse book series, using book study guides where available. These books were written by Source and channeled through Elliott Eli Jackson. Funny thing about life - The more you learn, the more you learn there is to learn! Journey with us as we learn more about life and how it really works.

From Source to You - Book Study

It is important to be able to recognize and discriminate between glamor, illusion, and maya if we are to become enlightened beings. Learn what glamor, illusion, and maya are and how to avoid these major pitfalls in life.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Glamor, Illusion, and Maya

Who or what is God?  To most people, God is still a mystery.  Man was created in God’s image, so there must be a Father God and a Mother God.  What are their roles, and why did the Old Testament depict God as a jealous, mean, vindictive God?  Learn more about the nature and role of Father God and Mother God, what is the I Am Presence and the three-fold flame that resides within each one of us. 

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

God Consciousness

Spiritual awareness is about God-consciousness. The goal is to reach a level of consciousness that allows us to be as aware of God as of ourselves. True seekers learn only God is God and that we are only a portion of that Oneness. Learn about the nature of God and what God-Realization and Self-Realization are.  Learn about Light and darkness, the spirit and the soul, male and female, the fall of man, and more.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

God-Realization and Self-Realization

A virtue is a natural desire to do good. There are moral virtues and God virtues. Moral virtues are character traits with regard to how we treat each other. God virtues are character traits necessary to become God-like. Learn what the God virtues are and their importance in making our ascension.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

God Virtues

The Book of Revelations in the Bible was written by a man named John (possibly John the Apostle). It records a vision he experienced that had great symbolism. Edgar Cayce, known as the “sleeping prophet,” was able to unlock the secrets to the symbolism of the Book of Revelation. Learn the true nature between humanity and God as interpreted by Edgar Cayce.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Interpreting the Book of Revelations

Have you ever wondered why some people are born crippled or blind while others are geniuses? Why you have an instant “like” with some people and an instant “dislike” with others? Why you have the parents you do? Why some people die as children and others die of old age? Reincarnation answers these questions and more. Karma is the balancing of an experience, and dharma is grace. Learn the truth about reincarnation, karma, and dharma.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Karma, Dharma, and Reincarnation

Ley lines are geometrically straight lines of energy which are arranged in a web-like pattern over the Earth. When two or more ley lines intersect, a power point emanates the concentration of the natural energy forces. Polarity exists within the Earth and within the mind. Learn how ley lines and polarity work to keep us in balance.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Ley Lines, Duality, and Polarity

No matter how many lives you’ve chosen to experience, they will all fall into two different categories, or life themes. These themes are frames of the mind. They are not easy because lessons are attached. You will have a primary and a secondary theme. Learn more about the various life themes and their influence in your life.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Life Themes

What does it mean to “Live in the Now?”  It means freeing yourself from the entrapments of the mind.  Learn how to enter into and sustain an awakened state of consciousness in everyday life with all its lessons.  Experience meditations and learn exercises to help you achieve this goal.  Learn how to quiet your mind so you can see the world from a different perspective. 

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Living in the Now

Learn how to make your own medicine wheel out of strategically-placed crystals for healing and guidance. 

Teacher:  Jim Wachter

Make Your Own Medicine Wheel

Enlightenment means knowledge, and it is our destiny. History is to be remembered so as not to repeat its mistakes. If we don’t know where we came from, how will we know where we are going? Learn about man’s origin, history, and destiny as told by the Ascended Masters and their teachings.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Man’s Origin, History, and Destiny

The medicine wheel, also known as the Sacred Hoop in Native American traditions, is typically constructed out of stones or crystals and strategically placed in a circle with lines or spokes radiating out from the center (to represent Creator, the four directions, etc.).  The medicine wheel represents the “circle of life” and its four directions and four elements.  It is a wonderful tool used for introspection and to recognize areas in your life that are out of balance, where your attention is lacking and requires focus.  Learn sacred teachings of the medicine wheel and how to use it for healing, guidance, and teaching.

Teacher:  Jim Wachter

Medicine Wheel Teachings

They are the truest and highest avatars of life.  A Mission Entity is someone selected at random by God when they are needed, and they go down in a group.  Learn common traits of Mystical Travelers and Mission Entities, their purpose here on Earth, and the Seven Golden Keys which a Mystical Traveler carries. 

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Mission Entities and Mystical Travelers

The Native Americans were the first inhabitants on land now known as the United States.  Their teachings are the same today as they were long ago.  Their beliefs are deeply rooted in their culture.  Native American spirituality is about loving, honoring, and respecting Creator, Mother Earth, and every living thing.  Learn more about Native American culture and traditions. 

Teacher:  Douglas Blue Feather

Native American Teachings

There are different spirits that work with the forces of nature—namely, elementals (gnomes, undines, sylphs, salamanders) and devas (fairies).  Learn how to work with and “see” the spiritual forces behind nature. Learn about the elements of fire, air, earth, water, and spirit—the different types of energy, their manifestation of power, their constructive benefits and destructive aspects, their properties, and more.

Teacher:  Jim Wachter

Nature Spirits—Elementals and Devas

Learn more about the concept of Near-Death Experience (NDE) as based on interviews with thousands of patients who described the phenomenon of leaving their body during a medical crisis where they came close to death. Learn about the stages of death and the afterlife, as well as instructions about how the dying individual should confront and react to these mysterious places and events. 

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) and the After-Death Experience

Learn the difference between planes and dimensions.  Humanity has been in the third dimension, moving towards the fifth dimension.  Learn what life is like and how our bodies differ when in the different dimensions.  Learn about other realms of existence not commonly known to man. 

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Planes, Dimensions, and Other Realms of Existence

Science and spirituality are one and the same they cannot be separated. Science and spirituality complement each other, working to make something whole and complete, something bigger than either one of them alone. To undertake a scientific investigation, you have to start with an idea. Using your intuition, you know where to look to find answers. Intuition is used to find furnish explanations and other avenues of investigation. The physicist Max Planck (1858 – 1947) once wrote, “Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are part of nature and therefore part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.”  

Teacher:  Beth Downs

Science and Spirituality

We are more than just physical bodies.  We are spirits having a human experience.  As a driver uses a car, your spirit uses the physical body to maneuver around and experience the physical world.  The physical body is the temple for the spirit that lives within.  It is also the temple for the spark of God that is anchored in the heart of your physical.  Learn about the three higher and four lower spirit bodies, their shape, and their purpose.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Spirit Bodies

Learn about the seven soul realms, or realities after death, according to Edgar Cayce and Rudolph Steiner. The first realm, for example, is ruled by those things that comprise the emotions (i.e., our urges, passions, sensual love, and all that is connected with them). Those who are ruled by their emotions and fixate on Earthly desires will have more difficulty in this realm because of their inability to satisfy them.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Soul Realms

Learn about the seven spirit realms, or realities of living in a material world, according to Edgar Cayce and Rudolph Steiner. The first realm, for example, is where matter is transformed from the mental to the material. Thoughts have form, and it is in this first realm that we have the opportunity to experience the full potential of our thoughts as ultimate reality. 

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Spirit Realms

There is so much to life than what we have been taught by science and religion. Learn the truth about the concept of heaven and hell—where the idea came from and what they really exist. Learn about the spiritual consequences of murder and suicide. Learn about the Void and the Antichrist (one who denies or opposes the Christ, an antagonist who is and creates evil in the world, to be conquered by the second coming of the Christ). Learn who or what the next antichrist will be, when it will come, and how to disarm it. Learn about how the Darks became dark, what it means to be White, and the problems of being Gray. Learn about twin flames, soul mates, soul groups, walk-in’s, and other life forms on other planets.  The more you learn, the more you learn there is to learn!

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Spiritual Concepts

Learn more about highly evolved beings from Star Systems in the Universe known as the Arcturians, the Pleidiens, the Andromedans, and the Sirians.  Learn about their teachings and the teachings of other highly evolved beings, such as Kyron.  We have more help than we ever knew!

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Star Teachings

The I Am Presence beats in the hearts of everyone. The Chart of the I Am Presence, a new concept brought in by May de Camera in the 1930s, consists of the electronic body of the I Am Presence, the causal body, the Holy Christ Self, the protective pillar of Light, and the Transmuting Violet Flame. The Christ flame within the heart embodies the same qualities of love, wisdom, and power that manifest in the heart of the Almighty, in the heart of your I AM Presence, and in the heart of your Christ Self. Learn more about this golden key to Christhood; you cannot know for yourself or bring into manifestation that which you have not first realized within the threefold flame as the result of your outer and inner experience in God.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

The Chart of the I Am Presence and the Threefold Flame

There are many orders and brotherhoods, offices and officers, which constitute the Beings from the Realms of Light that make up the Spiritual Hierarchy for planet Earth.  Those filling these important roles are highly evolved beings known as the Great White Brotherhood.  The Spiritual Hierarchy of the Earth functions as a complex government and comprises many echelons.  As above, so below.  Learn more about the beloved Beings of Light that guide humanity on its spiritual evolution. 

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

The Great White Brotherhood and the Spiritual Hierarchy

To understand the purpose of our lives, there must be an understanding of our relationship with our Creator. Learn the two essential differences between God and Creator, the difference between the spirit and the soul, the two soul groups that cycle in and out of Earth together, the difference between soul mates and twin flames, why children chose their parents, and more.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

The Hierarchy of Creator/Creation

The aura is an electronic signature of who we are.  It is the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds the body, extending outward from the physical form.  It can be captured through Kirlian photography named after Semyon Kirlian, who discovered that if an object is connected to a high-voltage source, an image is produced on a photographic plate.  Everything that we think, say, or do affects the aura so it is in a constant state of flux.  Learn the different colors of the aura, their meanings, and how to interpret an aura photo. 

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

The Human Aura

God made creation to exist, not to be destroyed. God never turns away from us; our free will allow us to turn away from God. To fear God is to close the door to Truth and Love. Learn the twelve levels of the soul, beginning as a thought in the mind of God to finding our true Home, as well as the different stages which the spirit comes into human form.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

The Journey of the Soul

The Law of Precipitation really works when used properly. Learn more about the Law of Precipitation and how to use it to manifest your heart's desires according to the Ascended Master teachings. A vision board will also be made to help clarify, concentrate, and maintain focus on a single goal in life using images that represent what you want to be, do, or have in your life. Bring any old magazines you may have to help "picture" the outcome.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

The Law of Precipitation (Manifestation)

The Great Pyramids have been and still remain a great mystery to man.  No one really knows how they were built or how they were really used.  You’ll love this class when we unlock the secrets of the Egyptian pyramids—what we know now and don’t know about these great pyramids. Here's a sample of what we'll be learning in the workshop:

"In structure, the Great Pyramid is remarkable, being originally about 482 feet in height, its four sides at the base each measuring 9131 Pyramid inches with an angle of slop of 51 degrees. The apex is the center of the earth’s land surface, and two lines drawn through the tip and circling the earth from north to south, and east to west, divide the world into four sections each containing the same amount of land. These are actually the four rivers of Eden, the Great Pyramid being Eden, or perfection. Genesis says, “and the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden and there He put the man whom He had formed.” The great Pyramid is the true symbol of man and in the correct interpretation of its symbols, his true relation to the Divine Man, Adam Kadmon, is shown."

"In addition to the known chambers and passages there are others, known only to initiates and the Pyramid Priests. Without a knowledge of these the full meaning of the Pyramid can never be fully understood. These are hidden from the world at large because as yet man has not made himself ready by solving the mystery of the opened passages."

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

The Mystery and Symbolism of the Great Pyramid

Love is in the air!  The Earth is changing its vibration and frequency to raise into a new dimension, and so are we! Climates are changing; time is speeding up and collapsing. As these changes take place, our physical bodies must change in order to adjust. A New Earth is being created. Learn more about what to expect and how to best prepare for the dimensional shift, as well as what will happen to those who choose not to move forward.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

The New Earth – Love is in the Air!

Learn about the Earth-based volunteers and what they have gone through to prepare for their mission.  Learn more about what it really means to be a Light Worker, the true power of Love, an effective tool to assist in raising individual and collective vibrations, the reality of illusion, and the Game of Life.  Hear Lord Sananda's (beloved Jesus) message and Source God's message to the Volunteers.  Learn more about the moving of the veil, understanding the nature of Mother Earth, and more.  

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

The New Earth – The Volunteers

Beginning in the mid 1950’s, the First Wave of souls began inhabiting the Earth.  These souls were volunteers who were asked to come to this planet and inject themselves into the human race to assist a mass awakening of humanity to prepare humanity for the arrival of the Fifth Dimensional Earth.  The Second Wave began in the 1970’s, and the Third Wave in the 1990’s. Learn to recognize the three waves of souls and their volunteer mission to help raise vibrations of the planet into the Fifth Dimension. 

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

The New Wave of Children

“Om” is the sound of God; it has its own symbol. Creation was set in motion by the sound of Om. Learn the meaning and symbol of Om, how to meditate on Om, and about the power of chanting Om. Learn about the power behind sacred sounds and symbols.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

The Power Behind Sounds and Symbols

Forgiveness doesn’t mean someone who hurt you never did anything wrong. It simply means you don’t want to hurt any more. When we hold onto old hurts, the only one who hurts is us. Forgiveness begins the healing process. Learn forgive from the heart. Words are easily spoken but not always meant. You will know you have truly forgiven when you can look that person who hurt you in the eyes and feel nothing but love in the heart. Learn what true forgiveness is and how to write forgiveness letters for healing.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

The Power of Forgiveness

Learn about the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Seven Sacred Flames that will assist those seeking to attain their ascension (Christ consciousness). These flames or rays from the Creator flood the planet daily. Each day of the week, one of the rays becomes more prominent. Working with the seven rays will assist you in balancing the energies of the seven rays in each one of your chakras. They will bring you greater balance and grace. In the process of ascension and enlightenment, all seven rays must be balanced and mastered in order to move on to greater wisdom and mastery.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

The Seven Sacred Rays and Their Initiations

Jesus became “Jesus the Christ” when He became his Christ Self; in other words, he made His ascension into the higher realms.  Jesus came here to be an example, to show us the way, so we can make our ascension, too.  To ascend is to “graduate” this school called Earth.  Learn what it takes to make your ascension and what life is like in the “higher realms” of Light. 

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

The Soul’s Ascension into Higher Realms

Have you ever wondered why we came to this School called Earth?  What are we learning, and why are we here?  How do we get off this Wheel of Rebirth, also known as reincarnation?  Learn answers to the reason for life, karma and dharma, and more. 

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

The Soul’s Perfection

The universe is more vast than anyone can imagine. In the very “beginning,” there was an energy force which was all love and all consciousness, but not in a form. The gigantic intelligence mass began to splinter off. Learn about the “in breath” and the “out breath” of God, and how our universe was created.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

The Story of Creator/Creation

The Violet Flame of Transmutation is God’s gift to humanity. Saint Germain is the Chohan of this ray or flame. This beautiful Light has the ability to transmute negative, fear-based energy into positive, loving energy. Using the Violet Flame daily is one of the most effective tools on our journey towards ascension.  Learn more about the different embodiments of Saint Germain and how to use this great gift in our daily living. 

Teachers:  Jim Wachter, Pat Zimmerman

The Violet Flame of Transmutation

The human ego is a tool used for protection for it keeps us from knowing who we really are. The ego is not who we really are, but an image of ourselves for others to see, similar to a mask we wear. The ego (Edging God Out) is driven by fear. Fear is the absence of love. Learn how to transcend the human ego by moving out of fear and into unconditional love.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Transcending the Human Ego

When the physical body shuts down so the spirit body can leave, it can be quite frightening to those watching. Learn signs to watch for when a loved one enters the final stage as he/she approaches death, how you will know when death has occurred, and how to say good-bye. Learn things you can do to help a loved one make their transition into the Spirit world with ease and grace. 

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Transitioning into the Spirit World

Universal laws are the unwavering and unchanging principles that govern every aspect of the universe. They are the means by which our world and the entire cosmos continues to exist, thrive, and expand. Spiritual laws are not about right or wrong; they are about truth or consequences. Once people start paying attention to the higher will they’re here to serve, life doesn’t always get easier, but it does become more joyous and meaningful.

Teacher:  Pat Zimmerman

Universal and Spiritual Laws

Wicca is a way to live life in harmony with all life that exists on earth. Humanity is equal to, not superior to, all of nature, the earth, and its animals. Wicca recognizes the masculine and feminine, the God and the Goddess. Wiccans have been called Celtics, witches and warlocks, and pagans, thanks to the medieval church of the 15th through 18th centuries in their quest to convert people to Christianity. Learn more about what Wicca is and is not, the elements and magic, and terms, definitions, and symbols used. 

Teacher:  Marcella Zircher