Sympathy vs. Compassion

Often when a loved one has a dis-ease, we tend to sympathize with them.  Sympathy (the sharing of feelings with another) is a negative quality because sympathy is accepting human imperfection.  Instead of assistance being given, the distress or dis-ease is amplified as a result.  

Compassion (a desire to alleviate the suffering) and mercy (compassion shown toward someone) are positive qualities.  With compassion and mercy, we witness or become aware of the condition but do not allow the feeling to take control of our heart.

You cannot help someone who is not willing to help his or herself.  If someone does not want help or cannot accept responsibility for what he or she created, that person is not ready to heal.  Interfering with someone else’s free will is self-centered; it is karmic.  You can guide someone, but you cannot make anyone do anything without interfering with free will.  

The best way to help a loved one is to help him or her stay positive and send love; love is the only thing that heals.  Help your loved one see the brighter picture, to see the beauty of life, and to laugh again.  Laughter is the best “medicine.”  

Blessings to you on your journey!

With much love, Pat