The Importance of Maintaining a High Vibration

The physical body is made up of atoms. One atom is made up of many electrons vibrating at different speeds, all orbiting a central core called a nucleus. There is distance between each electron. As the electrons swing through their orbit, light expands or decreases (a result of discord).

These electrons create form through thought. The pattern for the vibratory rate is determined by the level of emotion pouring through the electrons.

When our thoughts, feelings, and subconscious memories focus on imperfection, the vibratory rate of the electrons is slowed down and the vibratory rate of our four lower bodies lowers. The lower the vibration, the more we open ourselves to dis-ease, poverty, depression, and all other negative aspects of life.

When our thoughts, feelings, and subconscious memories focus on perfection, the vibratory rate of the electrons is increased, and the vibratory rate of our four lower bodies rises. The higher the vibration, the more we open ourselves to health and well-being, abundance and prosperity, joy, love and peace, and all other positive aspects of life.

How to Raise and Maintain a High Vibration

It is important to work on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual portions of your being to maintain a high vibration. To maintain a high vibration, we must (daily):

Eat properly. Drink water from natural springs that are filled with minerals. Water helps to break down the food that we eat to release that which is no longer needed. Eat foods that are healthy and organic with no added chemicals or preservatives. Make your food whenever possible to add the necessary ingredient not found in processed foods – love. Food tastes better and is better for you when it is made with love.

Take the appropriate vitamins and supplements. If you don’t know what you need to take, ask your body (muscle test). It will never lie to you. Not all brands are equal! Some are better than others. Muscle test for the right brand. Muscle test to make sure the vitamins and supplements you are taking are good for your body. Muscle test for the correct dosage, time of day to take them, and how to take them properly (e.g., eat with food, drink with water, etc.).

Exercise at home or at the gym. Cardiovascular exercises increase the strength of your heart and lungs. They decrease blood pressure and increase heart rate, meaning your heart doesn’t have to work as hard all of the time. It can reduce the risk of obesity, heart dis-ease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and certain kinds of cancer. Most of us should exercise at least 30 minutes a day, three times a week.

Meditate to slow down the mind and listen to your inner voice, to be in silence with Source. The mental portion of your being has to be slowed down for the spiritual to take the lead and connect with the universe, which will provide the answers you seek. Meditate at least ten minutes a day, with your eyes open or closed. Focus on something moving, such as a ceiling fan, a candle flame, or the wind blowing through a tree to move the unnecessary thoughts out of your mind. Once a week, meditate for thirty minutes. Meditation allows synchronicity to take place. Meditation can take you to other planes of existence and to other time frames. Meditation can energize you and face those things that your perceive as challenges in life. Meditation can do many things, but you will never know what it can do for you if you don’t do it.

Pray. Because of free will, no one can or will help you unless you ask. We ask through prayer. Pray as much as you’d like. Pray out loud so you can be heard loud and clear by yourself and the Universe. The best way to pray is to ask and then give gratitude in advance for your prayer having been already answered. Gratitude is the highest form of prayer there is. Thoughts are things. Our words are more powerful because they validate our thoughts. Recite daily the twenty I Am Decrees to change your life and the direction of the world.

Reach out and touch one another (appropriately) to heal another, to be healed, and to send and receive love. The tissue in your hands is the same as in your heart. Love is sent through the touch of our hands.

·   Take time for you. Go for a walk, get a massage, take a relaxing bath. Take time to rejuvenate, to go within, to things from a different perspective. If you don’t do this for yourself, no one else can or will do it for you.

Like attracts like. Someone whose vibration is high will attract someone who is of a high vibration. Someone whose vibration is low will attract someone who is of a low vibration.

Someone at a low vibration will not seek higher answers; therefore, a lower vibrational answer will come to you. If you are not working towards raising your vibration, you will seek a lower action and may even carry it out. This is how we harm ourselves and others.

If we do not consistently work on our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual portions of our being, our spirit/soul cannot succeed as it should on its evolutionary journey.

~ Taken from the book, "Everyday Life Lessons: Living Life with Ease and Grace" by Patricia Zimmerman