The Intent of Prayer vs. The Effect of Prayer

Many people think the only place you can find God is in a church.  This is not true.  The only place you can find God is within the soul.  You can feel God’s presence in a church, in nature, or wherever your heart experiences love, for God is Love. 

Church is a place where people experience feelings of reverence and thanksgiving.  The spirit can be uplifted into the Love and Light of God here, no different than in Nature.  In this way, church is a single prayer that has the ability to touch the universe.

In a church building there are people who pray, yet only a few whose prayers have a pure and forceful energy flow can make a difference.  Many people pray only a faint ritual observation with no real energy.  Others pray in such extreme distress or anxiety that their energy is distorted and has an adverse effect upon themselves, as well as adding to the universal negativity.  A smooth, loving energy flow is what positively affects each soul and the universe.  It is the energy balance that sustains and comforts.

The intent of prayer is different than the effect of prayer.  The energy put forth in prayer for self-centered, greedy purposes may be just as intense as a prayer put forth for the safety of a loved one.  The intent is recorded as one aspect and the energy flow is recorded as another.

Each soul has a pre-birth agreement.  The conditions or events the prayer is petitioning to have changed (a specific outcome) may be exactly those the soul chose as his life’s lessons.  The same is true of prayers for yourself because your consciousness is rarely in communication with your soul. 

So when you pray, pray for the “very best and highest good” for yourself or someone else.  Do not direct intense emotion toward a specific outcome of your choosing.  The outcome is NOT your conscious choice.  This allows energy to proceed unencumbered not only with the physical and psychic self, but sent forth as harmony into Earth’s consciousness.  Whatever happens then will be as it should be, in accordance with that person’s soul contract.

Prayers for those who have “died” (the soul never dies), are important for loved ones who needed comforting and healing, but also for those whose lives are vital and vibrant, with ongoing lessons and spiritual growth. 

Prayers are always welcome when they are in balanced energy because these prayers are most beneficial for those living and for those who have passed on.

Blessing to you on your journey!

With much love, Pat