The Mind/Body/Spirit Connection

To better understand the interconnection between the mind, body, and spirit, perhaps an analogy will help. Think of an automobile. Like a car, your physical body has:

     · an engine or motor (the mental body)
     · a gas tank (the emotional body)
     · spark plugs (beliefs)
     · a computer (brain)
     · and a driver (spirit)

The purpose of an internal combustion engine is to convert gasoline into energy so that the car can move. A tiny amount of ignited gasoline can release an incredible amount of energy.

The spark plugs create the spark to ignite the compressed air/fuel mixture at the correct time. The spark must happen at the right moment in order for things to run properly.

The purpose of the mental body is to create thoughts or ideas. The emotional body fuels the thoughts. When a belief combines a thought with an emotion, an incredible amount of energy is released to bring that thought into form. Without a belief attached, the thought remains simply a thought. The stronger the belief and the more emotion we put into it, the faster a thought becomes reality. This is how we create our world.

The car is a beautiful instrument, but without a driver, it goes nowhere and does nothing. So it is with your body. It needs a driver—a spirit. The way in which the spirit drives the car and programs the computer will determine its destiny.

A car requires oil and gasoline in order to make it run. The grade of oil and gasoline used will determine how long and how well the car will run. The cleaner the oil and gas, the better the car will run.

The physical body requires water and food to keep it running smoothly. Water must be pure, filled with minerals, and food must be natural, with no added chemicals or preservatives, in order for the body to run properly.

Emotions also have an effect on the body. Science has proven that stress causes illness. So can anger, shock, terror, and panic. Fear, anxiety, apprehension, distress, and worry affect the nerves. Negative emotions create dis-ease. Positive emotions such as love, joy, and laughter promote well-being.

The car’s computer provides information regarding safety, comfort, and convenience. It controls the engine, sending messages through the wiring to the various components. Computers have sensors to control pressure, voltage, and calibration.

Now compare this to the human brain, which is like a computer. The brain has access to a wealth of stored information—all the things we’ve learned, all the memories we’ve accumulated. It monitors our safety, comfort, and convenience. It has sensors to control blood pressure, to raise or lower vibration, and to regulate body temperature. The brain can run a variety of programs to maneuver through life, but unless it has someone to program it, this, too, will sit still and do nothing. The brain needs someone to program it to make it work—a spirit.

The brain works consciously and unconsciously. Our mind, or mental body, through our thoughts and ideas, consciously tells the brain what to do. The brain unconsciously controls every aspect of the body, sending signals through the nerves to different parts of the body to make them work. For example, without electrical signals from the brain, the heart would not beat. Heart rate, breathing, perspiration, swallowing, and other bodily functions are controlled largely unconsciously by the autonomic nervous system at the base of the brain.

The brain is also the control center of the central nervous system, which controls behaviors in the body. It receives information coming in; it analyzes and organizes that information into sound, taste, vision, touch, smell, and temperature; then it initiates the appropriate behaviors.

The brain must be kept healthy and in proper working order because it controls all the functions of the body. Any problems with the brain can cause problems with other parts of the body.

If not properly taken care of, the car can break down. Its physical body can rust; its tires can go flat. Or some of its components can break or wear out. It can break down as a result of a bad fuel mix in the pistons, a lack of compression, or lack of spark; the battery can die; the car can simply run out of gas. There are myriad reasons that a car can break down.

Likewise, if not properly taken care of, the physical body can break down as well. The physical body can get bruises, sores, or rashes; something taking place in life can knock the “wind out of our sails.” If we do not get enough sleep or if we eat unhealthily, illness or depression can set in; our body will begin to break down; or we can simply just run out of energy.

Together the Mind, Body, and Spirit Work to Create Either Well-being or Dis-ease

Every part of the body tells us what is going on within us on a deeper level. The way in which the physical body is cared for will determine how well the body functions and whether or not it will break down in life. Pure love expresses perfect health while negativity or fear express poor health.

Everything begins with a thought, which comes from the mind or mental body, and is reflected back to us through the physical body and in the way we live our life. When our minds are clear and happy, we automatically choose what is best for us on all levels—mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

The physical body breaks down for many different reasons beyond lack of sleep or poor nutrition. It can break down as a result of negative thoughts, false beliefs, and too little or too much emotion. It can run out of energy, and it can stop working if it doesn’t get enough oxygen. Body parts can stop functioning, putting strain on other body parts.

Taking care of our bodies is our responsibility. The choices we make in our everyday life will result in well-being or dis-ease.
Excerpt from "Self Empowerment: The Only Way to Heal" by Patricia Zimmerman

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