The Parable of the Virgins Explained

Excerpt from "Messages to our Family," by Annie & Byron Kirkwood, authors of "Mary's Message to the World and Survival Guide for the New Millennium"

"Watch your thoughts, feelings, and words. This is what Jesus meant with the parable of the virginis left to tend the lamps. (Mt 25)

"The ten virgins were given a chore to do. They were to watch for the bridegroom and be ready for him with their lamps. Five were lazy and did not prepare properly. Then at the last minute they wanted the other five, who had prepared them, to help them. But the wise virgins said no, go and seek your own oil.

"The virgins represent the thoughts of the future, the feelings, beliefs, and attitudes of the future, those that will come into your mind and heart tomorrow, and all the rest of the tomorrows of this life. They are what you will decide to do with your freedom of choice.

"The five lazy virgins are unguarded thoughts. The word is WATCH! Watch what you are thinking, feeling, and saying to yourself and to others. Are you watching what you say about yourself and others? Are you critical? Do you respect yourself and others? Do you tell yourself Absolute Truth (not your perception of what truth is)?

"The oil which the virgins used to light their lamps were their words. Use your thoughts and words to guide your feelings into right action. They will set you in alighment with all you can be.

"The bridegroom is representative of the new life you will have when you wholly embrace Absolute Truth--the new life free of old fears, angers, and resentments. When this time comes, you will not let down your guard on these inner thoughts and words; you will continue to WATCH! But the door will be closed, and what comes into your life afterwards will be from new thoughts and words. The new beliefs and attitudes will dictate your outer life.

"Jesus was cautioning men to watch their every thought and word in order to be prepared. Change these thoughts and attitudes with your words. Your words are the oil and wick in the parable. You are to sit by the door of your mind and heart, watching your words and thoughts in order to be prepared for the new life.

"There is POWER in your choices and in your ability to choose. Not only is it a freedom, it is a POWER ready to be used to improve your earthly and spiritual life. By aligning with all that is Good, you align with God."