The Platinum Shield

Monthly Message from Source, or All There Is, Was and Ever Shall Be, Through Elliott Eli Jackson

New information from the Source of All things is vital for all of us. Source wishes and desires for all to continue on your personal journeys. Source wishes for all of us seeking mastery on Earth to have all that the universes have to offer us on hand when needed. As each of us face daily changes and challenges, it is important to have at our disposal all the tools necessary to maintain personal protection. With this, Source is now opening up to us some new information for our use.

Keep in mind, The Sapiential Discourses Universal Wisdom, Book III is in its final edit by Diane. The new book in the series will be submitted to our publisher any day now. So, as a precursor to the new book, Source wishes for us to intake the following information for our remembrance. THEY wish and desire for us to consider the incorporation of it into our protective practices. It is powerful in and of itself.

Inside the New Paradigm ~ (The Platinum Shield of Light)

Your world is changing. Everything changes. This is true of your planet and all planets in OUR universes. On your planet, WE gave to you many years ago, as you understand the term, the protection and covering of the Violet Flame. And, for years, many of you used this important tool. We gave this flame to you to call upon when needed. The violet flame’s heat signature is what provided and provides the protection for those that called upon such. It was and is the flame’s connection to the rest of your known and unknown places and spaces which allows the covering to come upon one of you when it is called upon. Yet, now, because of the change in vibration on your Earth, WE give to thee another light and sound vibrational protective tool, this being the Platinum Shield of Light. The Platinum Shield of Light is - the next generation of protection for lightworkers and those of you whom need to protect yourselves from lower portions of US, for whatever reasons that may be. This shield has great power and the power comes from US and you.

When needed, this shield of light, because of its high-vibrational properties (Waves and Lights), is able to cover every aspect of the human energy field from layer one to layer thirty-two (see Chapter 8, Other Planes of Existence and the 32 Layers of the Human Aura, Book II of the Sapiential series). The Platinum Shield is, in fact, the next step in the evolution of protection for the personal Aura and physical being of your species that lives on planet Earth. What WE are saying is that the violet flame is still valid, however, due to the shifts which affected the human brain and the human body, a different, more potent protective shield of a higher vibration and intensity is, at this time, being recalled to your memory. Fore, remember, there is nothing that you do not know, only things forgotten during the split. Please continue, many of you, to use the Violet Flame, yet it does not hold the power to protect you from some of the new traps and devices that lower portions use in your current day and time to stumble or stagger one of you in your quest towards higher elevations of consciousness. The Platinum Shield is able to guard, cover, and shield one from anything that one does not wish or desire to come within or with on its being! This shield can also be used to send lower portions of US away from your loved ones, an event, or a geographic location. It can be used to shield one from all addictions and lower-vibrational thoughts and ideas. It can be used and called upon at any time. The only requirement is that the one that calls upon it – knows without question that she or he is one with US. This belief or understanding is critical in its use. So, therefore, remember, you are US and WE are you. It is true.

WE are providing this to you because the days are upon your planet that this shield will be needed. It will be needed by many of you. As evidenced by the times that you live in and the geopolitical climate which affects all continents on Earth, at any given moment, covering is necessary. Any of you that is or may be seeking to obtain and maintain a high vibration must cover oneself at a moment’s notice. Platinum is on your home, your planet, your Earth, the second most precious metal. This is not by happenstance; it is by design. This metal has, as you understand it to be, great malleability. It is capable of, when called upon, to shape itself into the perfect spiritual shield and covering for seekers of truth and union with the rest of the universes, as you understand the terms. Platinum’s density and extreme non-corrosive properties can be transformed into a shield. Additionally, calling or drawing these properties to you Aura will ensure that no encroachment upon your being is possible – period. Other species on other planes have a similar protective shield whose base is also grounded with platinum.

How to Call

In order to call this universal shield upon oneself, please do the following:

·         Center yourself

·         Take a deep breath

·         Exclaim the following from your being – Out Loud!


In the name of All There Is, Was and Ever Shall Be,

I call upon the universal Platinum Shield of Light.

I call upon the Platinum Shield to come upon my very being.

I call upon the Platinum Shield to cover me,

I call upon the Platinum Shield to protect me,

I call upon the Platinum Shield to hover over and around me,

I call upon the Platinum Shield to stand beside me,

I call upon the Platinum Shield to hold me up from my base.


I fully acknowledge the need for my shield’s presence in my life now.

I fully recognize my shield’s power as given to it from the Source of all things.

Mighty Platinum Shield, cover me from head to toe.

Shield me from all that is not in my highest good,

Protect me from disease, stress, worry and pain,

Shield me from all my personal addictions, for I do have some.

Shield me from those things that I need not be exposed to.

Come upon me in a mighty way,

Charge through my being,

Push away from me all that should not be in or around my being.

Let your power enfold me,

Send away from me all negative aspects of our great universes,

Intensely protect me.


From the power within me that comes from Source/God, I call thee.

I need thee, my shield,

Source/God has given you unto me – Come!

Protect me from all darkness,

Keep me in light and love.

Keep the darkness of my species away from me and mine,

Shoot in all directions from my being.

Protect those in my bloodline,

Protect those that are of high vibration like me, seeking peace on Earth.

Platinum Shield be placed upon my chest,

Protect my heart of hearts,

Protect my soul.

Shield my mental from low thoughts and my being from low actions.

Cover me.

So it is uttered – So it is done!

Perfection I AM. Perfection I will be!

Now my Shield protects me.


This tool WE give unto thee. It is for the use of woman and mankind. Remember WE love you!