The True Meaning of Christmas

Every year as the holiday season fast approaches, we hear a great deal about the meaning of Christmas.  

For some, Christmas is a time of joy, giving, and good cheer; it means the warmth and love of family and friends. For others, the meaning is a time of peace and good will. And for Christians, it means the birthday of Jesus, a Divine Messenger of God.

But the real meaning of the season is something greater—it lies in the "Spirit" of Christmas. Christmas isn't about putting up a tree and decorations, sending cards or singing carols. For most of us, it's about opening our hearts and sharing our love with friends and family.

For a short time every year, humanity is inspired to express love. We pray for peace on Earth and good will to all. Yet when the holiday is over, no matter how sincere our intentions may be, we go back to our old way of being once the season is over.

The word "Christmas" gives a hint of what the Christmas season was originally intended. Christians celebrate the birth of the Jesus, a Divine Messenger of God. Popular myth puts Jesus' birth on December 25, yet the New Testament of the Bible gives no date. Gifts today are exchanged to symbolize the gifts of the Magi.

The Plan for all Divine Messengers, such as Buddha, Krishna, and Jesus, is to incarnate and bring the fullness of the Nature of God through His consciousness—His Word and His Works—which would be the permanent record of Christ Incarnate for all of humanity. As children of God, we are to bring this fullness into our everyday lives so that we may become living examples of God's love.

Love is the Reason for Life. Not the conditional love we know and practice today, but an unconditional love. We grow in unconditional love through compassion and forgiveness—forgiveness of others as well as forgiveness of ourselves. 

Service is the Law of Life. It's easy to be of service to people we already know and love, but it's not as easy to be of service to people we do not know. The greater Love is in serving those we do not know and for whom nothing is expected. 

The true meaning of Christmas cannot be found in gifts or decorations. It can only be found in one's heart when true love is experienced. Jesus may be "the reason for the season," but the true meaning of Christmas is LOVE, and we express this Love through SERVICE

May your Love flow in great abundance—without end!

With much love, Pat