We Are Never Alone

Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small ~ Ted Andrews


We learn through spirit contact that we can never be truly alone, as there are dimensions of life that are open to us any time we desire. We tangibly realize the interaction of the divine within our life through such spirit mediaries, taking religion out of the realm of blind faith and placing it in that of experience. We awaken our creative imagination and intuition and our lives are filled daily with new wonders and blessings. We gain love, support, and greater energy for all of our mundane tasks and responsibilities. We learn that we will never walk alone.

Through proper spirit contact we are:

* nurtured once more by loved ones from our past,
* encouraged by the support of angelic protection,
* tickled by the joys and wonders of the fairy kingdoms,
* mystified by the teachings of the ancient masters who come to life for us,
* amazed by the spirit power of the animal world and the medicine they bring to our lives,
exhilarated by the diversity of life,
* confounded by the expanse of knowledge that opens to us,
* inspired by the spirit muses of creativity, and
* guided in all our activities.

Through it all, we are free to be who we are - in any way that we are.