What is an Ascended Master?

An Ascended Master is a being who has experienced life on earth. Not all ascended masters have been famous.

They are people like you and me who have lived and worked among us and who, by harmonizing with the inner blueprint of life, have become one with God, the sacred fire of the I AM THAT I AM.

Ascended Masters are the graduates cum laude of every culture and every history and every religion. They were human at one time, no different than you and I, who learned to master the emotions.

Ascended Masters are enlightened beings who made their ascension and became their Christ Self, becoming one with God.

Jesus the Christ is an ascended master, as is Gautama the Buddha. Both are world teachers. They came to earth to teach us how to live life, to show us the way. By becoming human, they showed us it is possible, if we truly work at it.

To ascend means to become one with our Christ Self. To make our ascension, we must become God-like. 

As we work towards becoming all of the God virtues, we begin to release the negative, "self" centered ego. We grow to become pure unconditional love, not the conditional love we know now. 

We are here to make our ascension (no matter how many lifetimes it may take). This is the main purpose of incarnation for every human being on earth.

May Creator bless you on your journey!

With much love, Pat