What to Expect for the Year 2019 (based on numerology)

Astrology and numerology are both metaphysical tools to understand the relationship of the energies taking place in the world around us and how they affect the world within us.

While astrology is based on the position of stars, planets, suns, etc., numerology is based on the numbers that show up in your name and in your life. Astrology is more difficult to understand than numerology so I tend to use numerology in my everyday life.

Three is a spiritual number because it demonstrates three different aspects that make up the whole. For example: 1) Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; 2) giver, receiver, and observer. And so it is with numerology.

Three different energies combine to help us to grow each year: major, minor, and personal. The energy is subtle and hardly noticeable, yet it is there. Look back on this year to better understand what I am trying to explain.

2018 was a year to clear the path for new growth that is to come. It was a difficult year because most people don’t like change, have little patience, and are self-centered. The energies this year pushed us out of our comfort zone and taught us to focus more on others.

* 2018 was a challenging year for most people collectively because the energy forced us to learn patience and to cooperate with each together (primary energy – 11/2) on a deeper level. 11 is a Master number which means more challenging lessons when it comes to patience and learning to cooperate with others. The energy of 11 will is much stronger than that of a 2; therefore, it will push us even more.

* 2018 brought about endings/change in our lives (secondary energy – 9), releasing that which we no longer needed, allowing for new growth to come in.

* And then, there was the energy of our personal number which also had an effect us.

One life experience builds on another. Earth is a school. Each school year comes with new lessons. Awareness is the key. Be aware of lessons to be learned so you don’t go through life with blinders on, struggling to learn lessons the hard way.

As we reflect back on what we learned this year, let’s hope we learned our lessons so they won’t have to be repeated. And at the same time, let’s look forward to a new year of growth and opportunities that will shape us into being a better person than we once were.

With that said, here is the numerology for 2019 as I see it:

The primary energy for 2019 is 3 (2+0+1+9=12, 1+2=3). The secondary energy for the year is 1 (1+9=10, 1+0=1).

And then there is your personal number energy for the year. This can be found by adding the month plus date of the year you were born plus 2019. For example, my birthday is October 31 so my personal year would be an 8 (1+0+3+1+2+0+1+9=17, 1+7=8).

Collectively, 2019 will be a year of great inspiration (primary energy of 3) to bring about possibilities for new growth (secondary energy of 1).

The primary number of 3 is the number of creatively expressing who you are—whether it be written or oral communication, art, dance, music, etc. It is a very social number.

If you are a quiet person, the energy of 3 will help you to come out of your shell. You’ll find yourself becoming more talkative than before. 2019 will be a year of meeting new friends and stepping into the spotlight.

The 3 energy will help us to be more generous, to feel more powerful, and to remain more positive. It will allow us to speak our truth and to fight against abuses of power.

The 3 energy will give us the strength needed to rise above any challenge and to face any difficulty headed our way. Use the combined energies of 3 and 1 in a constructive, positive way to achieve your desired outcome.

The secondary number of 1 will help bring about new beginnings – new love relationships, family additions (children), career changes, or business opportunities. It was important to clear out the old (energy of 9) in 2018 to make room for the new (energy of 1) coming in 2019. You can’t bring in something new if you are hanging onto the old.

As for your personal year in 2019, here is what to expect in a nutshell:

1 – A major life change is in store for you; i.e., career, marriage, family addition, etc. 
2 – If you are single, a new love relationship may be headed your way.
3 – Creative juices are flowing; a great time to begin new projects.
4 – Major decisions will have to be made; choose wisely and pay attention to detail. 
5 – Try not to overindulge in things that are not good for you. They will backfire and be “in your face.”
6 – New opportunities for major responsibility are coming your way; i.e., get married; have a baby, buy a home, receive a promotion, start a new business, etc.
7 – Time to look at what who you are and what you want in life; look into the mirror!
8 – Money will be abundant if you have learned the lesson of money (balance). Your career and income are on the rise.
9 – Time to finish getting rid of what no longer serves you and make choices that will put you in alignment with lifelong goals.

Take deep breaths and enjoy 2019 while you can because 2020 is just around the corner!

2020 is a 4 year – the energy of working hard and paying attention to detail, with 2 as the secondary number – forcing us to learn patience and cooperation even more than we did this year.