When Service Becomes Part of You

--The Lightworkers Guide to Healing Grief, Tina Erwin


When service becomes part of who you are, you are able to look closely at others and see many of the finer points of living.

* Service is seeing life as it really is with no illusions.

* Service is learning to be honest with yourself.

* Service is learning your limitations with grace.

* Service is joy in the good fortune of another.

* Service is gratitude for small things.

* Service is truth and honesty.

* Service is accepting what you cannot change.

* Service is honoring the small things, the day-to-day.

* Service is accepting death and letting go.

* Service is learning about the Creator and the beauty of all things.

* Service is asking questions and seeking answers for yourself and others.

Service is a life lesson. Take the leap of faith, trust in the Divine, and see how wonderful you truly are.

And when service has become part of your very being, you will know the meaning of living through loving service.