Always Remember Who’s in Control of Your Life … You Are!

~ Edmund O’Neill


There are so many choices in the world today
about where to live, what to do, and
who to spend your time with.
But if you remember this one simple truth,
you’ll be able to make the decisions
that are right for you.

Never forget that you’re the one
in control of your life.
Decide on the values
that are most important to you,
and live by them always.

Never compromise them or give them up
for another person or situation—
even when it seems as though
that’s the only way to get what you want.
You may win in the short term by doing this,
but never in the long run.

You have so much potential and ability.
Use them wisely, and as best as you are able,
and everything you desire out of life
will be yours one day.
If you are true to the highest ideals
In everything you do and say
and by how you treat others,
then success is guaranteed
in every aspect of your life.